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The Graduate Record Examination has extensive benefits for fulfillment of various objectives of the student.

The importance of GRE depends upon the Composition of the course for which the student has sought admission. Many courser demand a higher score in one particular section, For example humanities and arts admission rely on verbal sections score but management course rely on Quantitative course.


The various Benefits of GRE in Canada, United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world are as follows –


  1. After completion of the undergraduate course the Pakistani student, the Pakistani students are looking forward to study abroad. The GRE score is often a requirement for most of eminent courses.

  2. The high GRE score can provide the student with the required amount of international exposure and will help the Pakistani student to fit in a high profile career.

  3. A good GRE score can be great compensation for a low GPA and very little or no work experience at the time of admission of the Pakistani student.

  4. The other objection available is the GRE subject test. This would provide a proof for the expertise of the Pakistani students in a particular subject, for that they are enrolling. The candidates who have an Undergraduate degree or honors in a particular subject can opt for subject GRE.

  5. Typically the students with a high GRE score get selected for the best scholarships. But there are other parameters for getting a scholarship that must not be neglected like – academics, achievements, publications in various journals, participation in various extracurricular activities, community work, projects, internships etc.

  6. The GRE score uplifts the students profile since most of the US universities are looking for students with high scores in GRE therefore it could be said it’s mandatory.

  7. Since the GRE score is valid for about 5 years, the Pakistani student is left with a plenty of time to look for the degree that suits them. This test leaves the Pakistani student with the opportunity to explore all the horizons. Therefore preparation of GRE must not be taken easy since it determines a lot of benefits.

  8. The GRE examination makes the Pakistani student fulfill the basic eligibility to apply and sit for the admission of any university.

The GRE score is not the only deciding factor for the admission or scholarship of a Pakistani student, but is a very important criteria definitely. The GRE test makes the student feel competent enough to be able to apply at the place of their choice.  


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