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The MELAB is a multilevel exam that testis the main language skills Writing, listening, reading and speaking.

It is intended for:

  • Students applying to colleges and universities in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, or wherever instruction is given in English
  • Professional needing an English language qualification for work or training purposes
  • Individuals wishing to obtain a general evolution of their English proficiency in order to pursue advanced studies or employment opportunities

The MELAB is aimed primarily at innovative speakers who require an English qualification for admission to academic programs. It is also used for certification of English proficiency by various organization and licensing professionals.

Michigan English Language Assessment Battery

CaMLA combines the language assessment expertise of two world-class universities. Our English exams are shaped by research and the experience of serving millions of learners worldwide, meeting the needs of those wishing to live, study, or work in North America. That is why CaMLA is widely recognized by schools, university, and employers.

For more information about the MELAB, visit MELAB Website

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