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    Auspak International

    Sohail Rizvi



    HMARK Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.

    Abdul Hadi

    0092-21-34810771, 0092-21-34810773


    Joji Higher Education Services

    Jawwad Ahmed



    Edulink Network (Pvt.) Ltd

    Asma Siddiqui



    PFL Consultant

    Mr. Ameer Awan

    +92 423 6602509


    Falcon Education & Consultancy Services (Pvt.) Ltd

    Rubina Qurban Ali



    Alma Matters Education and Immigration

    Junaid Khan

    042 35773912


    FM Consultants


    +92-42 -35944547


    CEC Pakistan Enterprise.(China Education Consultan

    CEC Pakistan Enterprises


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