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How to Get Student Visa for Switzerland


A visa is a certification one has to acquire in order to enter, stay or leave a country. Some nations may not require visa from countries that they have good relation or bonds with. For example, all countries in European Union can visit each other without any hindrance. There are some countries that allow Pakistani and Indian passport holders Visa-free. However, Switzerland is not one them.

In order to study in Switzerland, a Student Visa will be required. This article will guide its readers how to get student visa for Switzerland. Complete details including visa category, required documents and visa application process are discussed in a step by step simple approach.


1 -    Get an Acceptance Letter

The very first thing one must do in order to get student visa is get admission in university or college of Switzerland. If you don’t know how to do that, here see Application Process to Study in Switzerland. Once you are enrolled in an institute, they will send you an acceptance letter. It’s a proof that you have got admission in a Swiss university. Without this acceptance letter, student visa cannot be issued. You will have to submit it along all other required documents mentioned below.

Make sure that you find the right university for yourself because this where you are going to spend next few years of your life. Here you can see Top Universities of Switzerland to make an informed decision.


2 -   Decide a Student Visa Category

Switzerland student visa is further divided in two categories. Each of these visas has their own purpose and time limits. These Switzerland student visas are called:

1.  Switzerland Student - C Visa

2.  Switzerland Student - D Visa


Switzerland Student Category C Visa:

This student visa is for short term stay in Switzerland. C visa holder is allowed to stay for only up to 3 months. It is issued to students who wish to pursue a short course in summer schools or language schools in Switzerland.


Switzerland Student Category D Visa:

D category of Swiss student visa is for those students who will have to stay for longer period than 3 months in Switzerland. If you are planning to study undergraduate or postgraduate courses, you will apply for this visa. If you go to Switzerland on this visa, you will need to get your residence permit too. After you move, you will have to visit cantonal migration offices within first 14 days.

No matter what Swiss visa you apply for, you will have to pay visa fees of only 7,100 Pakistani rupees if you are an adult. If you are younger than the age of 12, this cost reduces to almost half. Switzerland is generally an expensive place for living. 


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3 -   Gather Required Document for Switzerland Student Visa

After receiving the acceptance letter and deciding your visa category, you will need to start gathering documents that are required by the embassy before issuing you a student visa. 




  • Passport with at least two blank visa pages. Must be valid for at least three more months from the planned date of departure.
  • A Photocopy of the data page of passport with other visas (if any) and entry stamps it contains. The photocopy must be in A4 format.

  • All previous passports whether used for travel or not. For lost or stolen passports, a police report with English translation.
  • Valid Pakistani national Identity Card (CNIC) or POC.


Personal Information:

  • Original signed letter from your school/college or University.
  • NADRA FRC (Family Registration Certificate) whether travelling or not travelling.
  • If you have been refused a visa in the last five years: written explanation about reason for trip and refusal.
  • Curriculum Vitae.


Details of Studies:

  • Valid Letter of admission (acceptance letter) from the Swiss School, College or University.
  • Proof of initial payment for the admission.
  • Study plan (detailed time table of the subjects to be studied).
  • Certificates of previous diplomas/academic degrees and school certificates.
  • Evidence of your financial means for total duration of studies. If your education is sponsored, include a signed letter of the financial guarantor with his/her passport copy showing signature.
  • A signed and dated motivation letter that includes following information.
  1. Your purpose and duration of studies
  2. Your address while in Switzerland
  3. Diploma you intend to study.
  4. Your plans at the end of your studies.
  5. Scope of the studies in the future.
  6. Written commitment to leave Switzerland after completing your studies.
  7. English Language Certificate i.e. IELTS.


There should be 3 visa application forms (each form is three pages) with two copies of all the supporting documents. Make sure that all copies must be in A4 format.


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When to Apply?

It is recommended to schedule an appointment  as soon as you get your acceptance letter from the university. The visa application should be submitted at least 2 to 4 months before the planned departure date. Earlier you apply, easier it is for you particularly in case of a mistake or problem.


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Where and How to Apply?

Students will have to submit their visa applications directly at the Embassy of Switzerland, Islamabad. Prepare all above mentioned documents along with your complete filled application. Make sure that there is no mistake or anything left in your application. It is preferred if the application typed.

  1. Here schedule an appointment at embassy of Switzerland. After scheduling the appointment, print your appointment letter and carry this with you along with other documents.
  2. After you have submitted your documents at embassy. Here you can track online progress of your Swiss visa application. Use the application reference number mentioned on your receipt.
  3. They will notify you when your passport is ready to be collected from the Visa Application Centre.


Embassy of Switzerland Address:

  • Street 6, Diplomatic Enclave, G-5/4

  • Islamabad 44000

  • Pakistan


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