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USA Student Visa Interview Questions

Interviews sometimes can be pretty stressful. When applying for visa, you have to pass an interview first. If you are applying for USA student visa then, of course, they will call you for interview to test your eligibility. It may sound easy thing but people get rejected more than you think in these interviews. So, it’s better to be prepared than to be sorry. To help you pass the test, following are some frequently asked questions.

Why United States of America:

You are going to their country, they have all the rights to ask why you would choose their country over others for education. Positive complimentary response is always the best, just don’t go overboard.

  • Why do you wish to study in the USA and not in Pakistan?
  • What if you get a US degree here, would you like to go to US again for higher Studies?
  • Why did you select US for higher studies? Isn't this course offered by any university or college in Pakistan?
  • What is the purpose of your trip?
  • Have you ever been to US?

About Your Course:

They don’t want some hooligan to enter their country and be a bad to their society. So, of course, they have to ask if you really are a student and do you even know what you are going for or just using it as an excuse. You might want to look out for the following questions.

  • What course are you going for?
  • Why did you select this course? Is it relevant to your previous studies?
  • Why are you taking this course?
  • What is the course structure & contents?
  • Why don't you do this course in your country?
  • How long will your studies last?
  • What is the scope of your course?
  • What do you plan to study at the university?
  • What benefit will bring this course to you?
  • What is the course commencement date?
  • Where will you stay in United States?

About Your Academic Background

All for validation purposes they ask you about your academic background. Be sure to know what you have been doing all these years.

  • Where did you do your last course of study?
  • What is your specialization?
  • What is your High School, Degree or Master's percentage or grade?
  • What are your subjects in last course of study (High School, Degree or Master's)?

About Your Institute

Be sure to know get as much information as much you can about the university you are getting in. They do this all, though reason is very unclear but what can we do about it. Just be prepared for it.

  • Which university are you planning to go to?
  • Can you tell me some details about your university?
  • Why have you chosen this specific university?
  • Can you tell me the location of the university/college?
  • Why did you choose this institute and how did you find about it?

About Current Business/Job

Here is some more information they use to get to know you better. In any case, no matter what, you just never say badly about previous job. It’s not a good practice.

  • Show your Experience Certificate. (if applicable)
  • (If you are currently working) Why are you leaving your current job?

Test Preparation

p>Going to an English country and don’t now English! Seriously? They don’t want you saying double meaning things in their country and confusing or scaring everyone.

  • Could you please show me your TOEFL/IELTS ?
  • Why are your TOEFL/IELTS score low?

Bonus Interview Tips:

  • Practice good nonverbal communication, Body language is a Language.
  • Dress Sharp. Good dressing shows your interest and that you are taking this seriously.
  • Listen to them carefully. You don’t want to ask them to repeat their question again and again.
  • Don't talk too much. Don’t tell if not asked.
  • Use appropriate language. Avoid slang language and be Formal.
  • Take care to answer the questions. Even if they ask an irrelevant question, you should get rid of it but answer every question with full intent.

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