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Italy Student Visa


This visa page is outdated.

To get more information onItaly Study Visa. click the following link.

Students who are planning to study in Italy; it is generally difficult for them to obtain detailed information about the student visa. Recently, they gave me a scholarship and I have gone through my visa process, so I wanted to share this information with other students for their benefits.

Today, the Italian Embassy in Pakistan has long been in the process of visa (from one to four months). Though, students can save time if they give all necessary documents together the documents to obtain a visa and DSV, ahead of time.

Required Documents

These are the customary documents that asked for student visa of Italy.

These are as follows:

  1. Application Form
  2. One Passport size Photograph
  3. One full blank page of Valid Passport
  4. Announcement of necessary funds for legal stay in Italy

More detail on where and how to apply for the student visa in the world.
List of Detailed documents for Student Visa:

  1. Medical Insurance for stay Period
  2. A letter from Italian educational institute addressed to the Italian Consulate General approving recognition of the VISA application, clarifying details of the Italian language course with the grammatical level and other basic programs.
  3. Allusion Letter from educational institute, in this matter Parola School, which confirms the applicant’s status
  4. Guarantee of payment in full for the program of the educational institute
  5. Evidence of housing and address of the student's accommodation

Note: the management of the requested documents does not confirm the student VISA for Italy, which relies upon on many other features such as rate of visits in the specific destination, type of educational program as well as type of course and type of payments and many other things.  

How to appply

Step 1: Drop the visa application

First, once you get recognition from the university in Italy, and then drop the visa application. Indicate clearly in mind that this is done via Fedex (Gerry’s visa services). You can also declaim the information on their website (, but I share the relevant details here. It will surely be useful for many students.
The application Form duly completed and signed by the candidate, together with the full address and telephone number of the applicant
A valid passport (must be valid for at least six months after the filing date)
Four passport size photographs along with white background
Proof of having been awarded a scholarship by the Italian government recognized foundations and cultural organizations, international organizations, foreign governments or universities. When the amount of the scholarship needs in addition to meet the required amount of media support , economic resources can also be proved by testing media support stay in Italy for an amount not less than that set in the table annexed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Proof of Private family resources

Bank guarantee insurance document equivalent credit (bank letter of credit that is applicable in Italy) and cheques of travellers and other documents that proves the accessibility of cause’s income in Italy (via bank transfer deposit from abroad)
Declaration of a accessibility in Italy and they have the necessary funds for exile, it may be shown in the form of a return plane ticket (one reservation shuttle guys).
Insurance for medical treatment and hospitalization to be proved by resources of:

Consular declaration certifying the candidates right to healthcare in the manifestation of specific deals between Italy and origin country of applicant
Insurance policy on external relations of one signed with Italian organizations that companies should include restrictions on the exception to the fee rates established for emergency hospitalization. (Optional, if the university provides the student health insurance).

Academic Records

FedEx requires three copies of visa form along with the complete set of documents at a time.

Step 2: Preparation of DOV (Declaration of equal value)

The second most important thing which takes a lot of time is the preparation of DOV (Declaration of Equal value). Here I am sharing the modern and advance requirements of DOC for (Jan 2012). However, there is a little chance of modification in the coming year, so before start you’re working on it does confirm it from Embassy.
Original along with three photo copies of candidate’s Bachelor’s degree or of Postgraduate degree which is verified by Higher Examination Commission (HEC) and ministry of foreign matters and also translated it into Italian language
Original records with three photo copies verified by Higher Examination Commission and ministry of foreign affairs (Translation in Italian language is just not required).
Original and three photo copies of HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) verified by IBCC and ministry of foreign affairs and translate it into Italian language. 
Original and Photo copy of Domicile Certificate
Three photo copies of passport which are signed by the holder and permitted by Public Notary

Three photo copies of detailed program of your last degree delivered on university letter head bearing certified signature and seal of the university and college.

Visa Details

Validity of Student Visa in Italy:

The student Visa may be valid for three months to one year. For the restitution, the student must inquire to the embassy of the country of origin.

Time to issue the VISA for Italy:

Duration for issuing the student Visa is approximately two to five days. Besides, time might be different depending on the country of origin.

Visa Fees:
There is no visa fee for study in Italy.

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