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How to Get Student Visa for Hungary


It is very important to first get a visa if you want to enter the premises of Hungary. If you are a student then you will be required to get a Student Visa for Hungary by following a proper procedure. Some students are even scared of getting scammed in this case which can be a problem if you are acquiring some third party services.

This article is a complete step by step guide to getting a Hungary Student Visa that covers all the required documents and proper process to do it.

  1. Get an Acceptance Letter
  2. Gather Required Documents
  3. When to Apply
  4. Where and How Apply
  5. Getting Residence Permit


1 -    Get an Acceptance Letter

First, you are required to get an acceptance letter from the relevant University before you apply for visa. When you apply for admission in any university of Hungary or any other country, the University executives send you a letter that is called ‘Acceptance Letter’. It is mentioned in acceptance letter that you are now their student. They also mention the relevant faculty name, their designation and class schedule. Acceptance letter is one of the required documents to apply for Hungary student visa.


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2 -   Gather Required Documents for Hungary Student Visa

The next step is to gather required documents for Hungary student visa. Here is a list of all required documents for Hungary student visa:

  • Visa application form is first requirement for a student to study in Hungary. Hungarian embassy issues it to the eligible students.  
  • Valid passport that should be valid for your complete tenure of study otherwise passport must be valid more than one and half year.
  • Three recently taken passport size photographs. These photographs should be no older than six or seven months.
  • Acceptance Letter from the university in Hungary where you are enrolled.
  • Proof that you have paid your tuition fees to the university.
  • Ticket or reservation of your flight to Hungary.
  • Proof of proper accommodation in Hungary.
  • Bank statement as proof that you have sufficient funds in the possession to afford your living in Hungary.
  • Medical certificate stating that you are healthy.


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3 -   When to Apply?

In Hungary, there are more than forty universities and many disciplines taught in each institution. Each university and program can have different timelines for admission. Generally the admissions are open in the last 4 months of the year and dates vary from university to university. Here see Complete Admission Application Procedure to Study in Hungary.

Your classes schedule will be mentioned in your Acceptance Letter. Apply for Hungary Student Visa within last 90 days of your scheduled flight. It will take around 4 to 6 weeks after applying for appointment. After you have submitted all the documents, additional 1 to 4 weeks will be required to process them. You should get to Hungary at least a week before your first class so you can get used to the new environment.


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4 -   Where and How to Apply?

You will have to schedule a meeting with the Hungarian embassy in your country and submit all above mentioned documents there. In Pakistan, the office of Hungary embassy is situated in Islamabad. Below is mentioned complete name and address of the office.

You have to book an appointment by mail at and then personally visit the embassy at following address. Working hours are Monday – Thursday, 11.00am to 12.00pm and from 3.00pm to 4pm.

  • Hungary High Commission Islamabad
  • Address:  Islamabad, consular section house no. 12 Margalla Road, f-6/3 44000 Islamabad       
  • Telephone: +92 (51) 207 7800, 2077804, 2077815 / +92 (51) 207 7817
  • Website:


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5 -   After Applying for Student Visa

You will need to wait for the Hungarian consulate to process your application after submitting all documents. They will call you in case some issue arises in your documents. They may even call you for an interview. It will take no more than 4 weeks to issue you a study visa for Hungary. Meanwhile you should prepare for your departure. You should prepare your clothes and all the things you will be needing in Hungary according to their environment. There is another thing, that I have mentioned in below paragraph, you have to do right after reaching Hungary.


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6 -   Getting Residence Permit

Student is also required to get residence permit after getting study visa for Hungary. You are issued a permit if you have to live more than 90 days in. Once you have cleared all documents and got your visa only then you are eligible to obtain a residence permit. You must apply for residence permit at Immigration and Asylum Office within in 15 days after reaching Hungary. To get a student residence permit in Hungary, you will need to submit following documents.

  1. Proof that you have been accepted by a university in Hungary (Acceptance Letter).
  2. A proof that you have your university fees (Fee Slip).
  3. A health insurance certificate.


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