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If you are thinking about pursuing your education in Hungary then you have come to the right place. It is wise to first do a thorough research before finalizing your study abroad destination. Choosing a wrong country for higher education can cause a regret of at least a year and millions of rupees. This is a detailed guide on the question of study abroad in Hungary. After reading this guide you can make an informed decision of studying or not studying in Hungary according to your requirements.


Hungary as Student Destination

Hungary is actually a popular study abroad destinations attracting students from all around the world. However, you won’t find many Pakistani students in Hungary because of lack of proper knowledge and counseling about study abroad. According to DailyNewsHungary, it was hosting over 28 thousand international students until 2017 mostly from countries like Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and China. Furthermore, this number is anticipated to escalate more quickly in coming years.


Less Competition for Admission

It is very easy to get admission in a Hungarian University compared to most other countries. The reason is low competition among international students. As good of a study abroad destination Hungary is, it is not ranked by QS Ranking which is followed by students from all around the world. On the other hand, some of Hungarian universities are ranked among top 800 global universities by QS.


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Simple to Get Student Visa for Hungary

Getting Student Visa for Hungary is also not as complicated and difficult compared to countries like USA, UK or Australia. You first have to get admission in a university and fulfill just the basic requirements to get student visa for Hungary. Good news is that you don’t even have to pay any fees for Student Visa. Here see How to Get Students Visa for Hungary.


Educational Standard Set By The Bologna Process

All higher educational regulations in Hungary are set according to the Bologna process. This means that degrees awarded in Hungary will be more widely comparable on the international market. Furthermore, it increases the possibility of pursuing Masters in a field different from your Bachelors. However, there are only 25 universities in Hungary and a number of colleges that offer Bachelor’s degree.


Cost of Education in Hungary

Cost of study in Hungary is not exactly low, however, also not very high. Exact tuition fees of an international student depends on his program and university. Medical programs like Dentistry are usually most expensive charging up to 20 thousand Euro annually while other programs charging as low and 4 thousand Euro. Likewise, living cost of international student requires budget of average 750 Euro per month just like most other European countries. Here see All Cost and Expenses You have to Face to Study in Hungary.


Equivalent And Transferable Degrees Throughout the EU

Most European countries offer more opportunities than any Non-European country because of their union and cooperation. Hungary is a member country of European Union. This means that your degree obtained in Hungary is easily accepted in all EU countries. In addition, you can even transfer a medicine, veterinary studies or architecture degree in any EU member country.


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Active and Fun Student Life

Hungary is a beautiful country and young students make it even more colorful. You will find a robust lifestyle for international students that can be very rare to see in some study abroad destinations. Aside from study time, students in Hungary know how to have fun and parties. Attractive cafes, bars and clubs are not very difficult to find in students cities of Hungary. Here see the Best Student Cities in Hungary that you should choose for studying abroad. Each city and town has its own unique style of manifesting Hungarian culture and values.


Jobs and Residency Opportunities

Hungary is a European country that is also a member of EU which opens up more opportunities for students and professionals here. You get access to resources of almost whole Europe by studying in Hungary. International students are also allowed to work part time with their studies so they can earn their living expenses.

Hungary values talent and if you are skilled then you won’t have any issue getting a job there. So, even after completing your study course, you have the option to apply for work visa and make a living in Hungary which will lead to getting permanent residency in future. Here read All about Job Market, Permanent Residency and Citizenship of Hungary.


Study Programs Offered in Many Languages

Most countries offer study programs in only English language in addition to their native language. Students have to learn English language so they can study in a foreign country. However, Hungary made it easier for them by offering study programs in not only English and Hungarian language but also in German and French.

You will have to prove your understanding and proficiency in one of these languages when applying for admission. IELTS and TOEFL are most commonly accepted by universities in Hungary if applied for English-taught course. Before you finalize any decision, be sure to read all the Benefits and Challenges of Studying in Hungary.


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