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How to apply for Italy study Visa

Apply for Italy student visa

When applying for Italy student visa following are the things you may require:

  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Original passport along with photocopies
  • Original Identity Card along with copies
  • Acceptance letter from the university where you have applied for study
  • Character certificate issued by the security authorities
  • Health certificate

The further documents may vary according to requirements of institute/university. Visa processing time can be vary as 3 to 6 weeks, so apply for visa accordingly.

Only visa issued for the purpose of training is valid for the student for Study Abroad in Italy to enroll in the college or university of Italy. Any other type of Visa will not be accepted by the authorities. Thus, you must apply to the competent Italian diplomatic authorities and ask for a student visa from your identity. The competent Italian Embassy / consulate are the competent authority responsible for making your preliminary application and check whether it satisfies the requirements for the visa or not.


Study visa of Italy will only be issued against demonstration:

  • You have a suitable housing in Italy
  • You may have sufficient funds to support yourself (go to livelihood);
  • You are eligible to health care in Italy (go for health insurance).
  • You have sufficient amount of money which is needed to go back to your country or you have already purchased a valid return ticket.
  • Receiving information openly from the embassy of the country is essential and important, as each country has its own rules for receiving study visa
  • All information on this page has been carefully studied by Parola Italian language school; however, the rules of Permit of Stay and Study in Italy are subject to frequent changes. Though, Parola is not accountable for changes in the visa application process.
  • The student is asked to receive a residence permit in the country.

Study visa of Italy rules are basically different in different countries. Parola School will be responsible for all possible assistance for a residence permit in accordance with the law of the country of origin.

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