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Malta Scholarships For Pakistani Students

Malta Scholarships

Why Malta?

Malta is a small but very beautiful place. Malta is quite popular for tourist. Malta is the very pretty place, it is one of the world’s smallest and most heavily populated countries. Malta existed as a British Colony from the time period of 1800 to 1964. That is why the educational system of the county was formed by the British model, which fully operates in each and every English-speaking countries.

The University of Malta is mainly situated n eastern side of the island. Their universities are smaller in size because Malta is small in size. But the universities are an extremely international way to achieve higher education. The universities of Malta has so far educated around 9,800 students which include 750 international students from around 80 countries from all over the world.

International Foundation Year Scholarships in Malta

Club class Malta is giving a very good opportunity to get full tuition fee scholarships for international students who would like to study on the NCUK International Foundation Year Programme – Business Stream in Malta. This excellent chance will give your students a pathway to a wide erraticism of undergraduate degree programmes for brilliant students who take set their sights on studying at an English-speaking university. This will be a great opportunity for International students. It would be a great chance to get this scholarship and learn in a very good environment and groom yourself.


The scholarship amounts are €6,000. But you have to pay for your accommodation expenses, registration fee, and books.

How to apply

a. You need to provide a proper evidence of English Language Proficiency, IELTS Original evidence of
b.  You need to provide your previous degrees which are required by the program.
c. Submit a scanned copy of passport in color (make sure that passport must not expire before the start of their course)

The Malta Government Scholarship Scheme

The Gov. of Malta has introduced a scholarship program for Post Graduate studies (MGSS-PG), it’s a program which provides grants to students who undertake in Masters or doctorate postgraduate courses in Malta. The grants which are given to students in a form of awards it mainly covers the whole tuition fee of the student and maintains the cost as well for one year of Master degree which is basically €8,000 in total. The grants of €10,500 per year are given to the Ph.D. students.

There are three reasons why you have to study from Malta universities

  • There Diploma is recognized in European countries
  • Good opportunities are available after graduation
  • Warm and smooth climate suitable for all

Here is list of universities who offer scholarship there links are also given below:

The University of Malta and George Mason University

University of Dundee

Swansea University

The University of Malta

Global College Malta

Kishwaukee College

Advenio eAcademy

London School of Commerce Malta

Malta Lingua

ICTQ Malta

Camas Malta

Inlingua Malta

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology

EC Language Centres

St Martin’s Institute of Information Technology




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