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Scholarship Name Country Education Level Apply By
Netherlands Doctoral 05 Mar 2024
USA Undergraduate 15 Mar 2024
UK Undergraduate 01 Mar 2024
UK Undergraduate 29 Apr 2024
USA Undergraduate 06 Mar 2024
UK Undergraduate 12 Mar 2024
UK Undergraduate 29 Apr 2024
UK Undergraduate 31 Jul 2024
UK Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 17 Oct 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate 01 Mar 2024
USA Undergraduate 29 Feb 2024
USA Undergraduate 01 Apr 2024
Hungary Undergraduate 30 Jun 2024
Australia Undergraduate 27 Feb 2024
Malaysia Undergraduate 01 May 2024
UK Undergraduate 31 May 2024
Ireland Doctoral 24 Feb 2024
Australia Doctoral 31 Jul 2024
Australia Doctoral 03 Mar 2024
USA Undergraduate 25 Feb 2024
Denmark Undergraduate 24 Feb 2024
Turkey Undergraduate 24 Feb 2024
Malaysia Undergraduate 22 Feb 2024
Switzerland Undergraduate 15 Dec 2024
UK Undergraduate 17 May 2024
USA Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 23 Feb 2024
Japan Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 21 Mar 2024
USA Undergraduate 01 Dec 2024
Spain Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 22 Feb 2024
UK Undergraduate 01 May 2024
USA Undergraduate 25 Feb 2024
Germany Doctoral 01 Apr 2024
Netherlands Doctoral 17 Feb 2024
Netherlands Doctoral 19 Feb 2024
Japan Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 21 Mar 2024
USA Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 01 Mar 2024
Denmark Undergraduate 15 Mar 2024
Australia Undergraduate 28 Feb 2024
Malaysia Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 15 Feb 2024
France Undergraduate 22 Feb 2024
UK Undergraduate 30 Aug 2024
USA Undergraduate 15 Feb 2024
USA Undergraduate 01 Apr 2024
Finland Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 29 Feb 2024
UK Undergraduate 01 May 2024
USA Undergraduate 17 Mar 2024
Australia Undergraduate 16 Mar 2024
UK Undergraduate 30 Aug 2024
Malaysia Undergraduate 15 Feb 2024
Australia Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 16 Mar 2024
Netherlands Undergraduate 01 Oct 2024
USA Undergraduate 15 Jun 2024
USA Undergraduate 20 Feb 2024
Hungary Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 15 Feb 2024
Italy Undergraduate 13 Jul 2024
Denmark Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 01 Feb 2024
Switzerland Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 15 Dec 2024
UK Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 01 Mar 2024
Belgium Undergraduate 07 Feb 2024
Denmark Doctoral 10 Feb 2024
USA Undergraduate 01 Apr 2024
Sweden Undergraduate 28 Feb 2024
USA Undergraduate 31 May 2024
Turkey Undergraduate 24 Feb 2024
USA Undergraduate 01 Feb 2024
USA Undergraduate 31 Jan 2024
USA Undergraduate 22 Feb 2024
UK Undergraduate 24 May 2024
USA Undergraduate 31 Jan 2024
USA Undergraduate 01 Apr 2024

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Scholarships for Study Abroad

Obtaining a scholarship is significant in achieving wide educational opportunities and for development of academic skills. Whether you are striving to earn a scholarship for a full time degree or a short term course in abroad, there are many opportunities from private organizations, universities and government sectors. Each scholarship programme has exclusive eligibility criterion specific for different countries. The Pakistani students searching for scholarships to study in abroad can get access to a varied range of scholarship programme through our website and attain information about eligibility criterion, requirements, deadlines for application and application procedure.

To apply for; a fee grant at a post graduate or under graduate level, government offered financial aid for students, university offered scholarships, country wise scholarships, popular scholarships,  course wise scholarships, scholarships offered to students with excellent academic records explore categorically here from our inclusive database of scholarships in abroad  for Pakistani students.


Share Scholarship Information

If you know a usefull scholarship information that Pakistani students can apply,Please share here for the benefit of other students. We will post it live on studyabroad website.

Share Scholarship Information


Scholarships are financial assistance provided to student for the continuation of their education. After receiving the scholarship the student is provided with various types of wavier or even monthly stipend that clearly depends upon the type of scholarship the Pakistani student has applied for.

The Pakistani student can apply for any of the scholarships by following the procedure provided on our website relevant to that scholarship.


Academic based scholarships

There are various scholarships that clearly rely on the academic excellence of the student and provide scholarships based on their CGPA and other academic achievement.


Level Based scholarships

The scholarship that is dedicated to various level of study.


Women’s Scholarship

There are scholarships that are focused more to one particular gender, or they work towards the upliftment of women.


Scholarships for a particular field of study


Scholarships for college students from the university

The scholarships that are provided by the universities to their students and the international students receive the scholarship as soon as they get enrolled in the University.


Creative scholarships

These Scholarships are provided in the fields of creativity as Music scholarships, Arts and design scholarships and Fashion scholarships.


Community work scholarships

The  inter cultural service program provides the student scholarships who has participated in community cultural service or cultural activities.


Sports scholarships for International students

Sports scholarships for Pakistani students are


University of Maine Intensive English Institute Discovery Scholarship in the USA

The scholarships that are not only tuition fee waivers but provide stipend money for other living expenses. The various fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students are-

The fully funded scholarships cover airfare, living expenses, health insurance and complete tuition fee.


Scholarship refers to as financial aid that is being provided for the lack of financial inability of a student to pay their dues. The scholarships can be fully or partially funded.

Fellowship is often referred to as stipend money that is being provided by an organization to the student for their professional grooming. Grants are the stipend or financial assistance that is provided to the student after fellowship being awarded.


There are many scholarships that are not much known or little talked about. These scholarships belong to the countries as Uganda , Malta, Czech Republic, Georgia and Belgium.


The student can visit the scholarship section or and refer to the University that take up students for that scholarships. After finalizing the scholarship and the University the student then must refer to visa Guide for the country they are planning to.


The scholarships that are either less known or have a great intake capacity are easy to get, or the scholarships are which do not require high CGPA can also be categorized under less competitive scholarships.


The most prestigious scholarships of the world have been categorized under popular scholarships. These scholarships belong to the most renowned universities of the world or have great rewards.


The scholarships provided by Higher Education commission of Pakistan are provided by the help of news alerts or in scholarship sections of


There are scholarships that are dedicated to student belonging to particular country. showcases only all those scholarships for which Pakistani students are eligible.


There are many scholarships that are offered across many universities of the country therefore have great intake capacity.


The countries all across the globe offer great scholarships for Pakistani students. The countries whose scholarships are considered the best amongst international students.



It clearly depends upon the scholarship the student has availed, many scholarships directly pay off the tuition fee to the university, some may pay the grants in the form of stipend that a student can utilize in paying off their student loan to study abroad.


The scholarship application will ask for a personal statement and/or essays highlighting your current academic information, such as academic accomplishments, involvements, achievements, and/or future goals. 

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