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denmark scholarship for Pakistani students

The Nordic countries are a place for the ample landscapes and breathtaking views. These countries are willful to develop and promote their cultures in the world.

The kingdom of Denmark invites students from all across the globe in order to study in their nation and contribute to their development. In order to fulfill their motive the Danish government has started a scholarship for non-European students, who have excellent academic excellence.

The tenure of the scholarship extends for the whole period of the study program which a student wishes to study. This is a marvelous opportunity for the Pakistani students who wish to study in Denmark with a scholarship.

The conversion rates for the Pakistani rupee are not so good hence the student must avail such scholarships as this to fulfill their aspirations to study abroad.


danish government scholarship for Pakisttani students

Study Programs

The Pakistani student who wants to study the fields that are available at the higher education participating universities.



The scholarships allows the student to select from the wide range of course options except for the ones at the artistic higher education institutes. Few examples of the courses are as follows-

  1. Humanities

  2. Business

  3. Computer science

  4. Psychology

  5. Engineering

  6. Social science

  7. Health sciences

  8. Telecommunication

  9. Theology

  10. Technology

  11. Electronics etc.



undergraduate, graduate, PhD.

Host country-

The kingdom of Denmark.

Host institute-

  1. University of Copenhagen (ITU)

  2. University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

  3. Aarhus University (AU)

  4. Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

  5. Aalborg University (AAU)

  6. Roskilde University (RUC)

  7. Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

  8. University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

  9. Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX)

  10. University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)

  11. University College Copenhagen

  12. University College Absalon

  13. University College Lillebaelt (UCL)

  14. University College South Denmark

  15. VIA University College

  16. Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC)

  17. Aarhus school of Maritime and Technical Engineering

  18. Copenhagen School of Maritime Education and Training

  19. Maritime Training and Education Centre (MARTEC)


danish government scholarship for Pakistani students


The scholarships are provided at two levels


what are the eligible criteria for danish scholarship for Pakistani students


The student must be a citizen of Pakistan.

The Pakistani student must be enrolled in a full time degree course in any of one of the universities mentioned above.

The Pakistani student must have already acquired a residential permit for stay in demark.

The Pakistani student should have high academic excellence.


apply procedure of danish sch for pakistani students

In order to avail this scholarship from the Danish government the Pakistani student is required to seek admission in the above stated universities first. The scholarship is given away to the student who are already enrolled and are referred by their own institutions. The following are the required documents and the application procedure needs to be followed.


Documents Needed

  1. The passport issued by the government of Pakistan.

  2. The English proficiency requirements according to the desired course.

  3. The Pakistani student who wishes to study a particular course taught in Danish must fulfill certain level of requirement of Danish language for the same.

  4. All the transcripts verified by HEC Pakistan.


Application Procedure

The scholarships are provided by and administered by Danish institutions of higher education, they decide which student will receive the scholarship. The application must be submitted in time to the institute. The Pakistani applicant is required to mention it in the application itself about their consideration for this scholarship.


Nationality required:



Deadlines and dates:

15 March


Number of scholarship:

Not specified.


faq for danish sch

Question 1

Can a student from Pakistan apply for the scholarship?


Yes a student from Pakistan can apply for the scholarship.

Question 2

Are there any English language requirements to study in Denmark?


The Pakistani student must fulfill the requirements according to the course.

Question 3

 Is a student from Pakistan required to study Danish for admission to a university in Denmark?


Yes a student must learn Danish for only those courses taught in Danish.

Question 4

How can a student from Pakistan apply to the above mentioned universities?


The following link guides the student for admission in demark.

Question 5

How can a student from Pakistan get residential permit for Denmark?


Visa guide will guide the student to acquire visa and also acquire the residential permit hereafter.



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