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Global Alliance Program Scholarships 2024 Application Status

Current Status



3rd January 


Nov 2022

Currently Global Alliance Scholarship program is accepting applications for 2024. Deadline to submit online application for Global Alliance Scholarship is 3rd January 2023. 

Global Alliance Program Scholarships 2024 For Pakistani Students 

  • Studying abroad means a person wants to gain knowledge outside of their home country. Studying abroad is an impactful way to fulfill requirements for your college degree together with travelling the world while experiencing new cultures at the same time.

  • This scholarship program gives money and other benefits to international students who have qualified for admissions to an accredited universities in the United States. Scholarships are given  for nursing programs, that includes, RN to MSN,  BSN completion, BSN to MSN, and Post-Master's Certificate Programs. All the Pakistani nursing aspirants can avail this scholarship benefits. It’s both work and study program and there are many more international scholarships.

  • This is an extensive program. Not only Pakistani students receive scholarship money to pay for your education, but a nursing aspirant also receive full support from the GSA.

  • When a Pakistani students arrives in the USA, GSA workers meet them and help them settle in United States of America. Global Alliance Scholarship Program covers the tuition fee, as well as the cost of their books and all kinds of study material.

  • There are a number of extensive program options of all sorts, which includes a cultural exchange program, international study programs, and a home country that is for Pakistani students working in Pakistan scholarship program.

  •  This is a great opportunity to have, all of the expenses paid and get the benefits of a first class education in nursing after being enrolled at an accredited university in America.

  • Nursing is not the only medical associated degree that is covered by means of a scholarship other pre-med courses scholarship are available for foreign universities.

global alliance scholarship programs

Study Programs Offered by Global Alliance Scholarship Program 2024

The scholarship is available to all kinds of nursing related graduate and under graduate course available in university of America. 


  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

  2. Masters of science in nursing (MSN)

  3. All sorts of nursing certification in United States of America

Quick Facts 

No of scholarships: Not specified, its number varies each year

Host country: United States of America

Host institute: All accredited USA medical universities

Level of study: scholarships are available for undergraduate and post graduate study programs

Courses: Nursing fields

Benefits: Fully funded, cover tuition fee, travel expenses, accommodation etc

Deadlines: 3rd January each year 

global alliance facilities and benefits for Pakistani students

Benefits of Global Alliance Scholarship Program 

The scholarship pays off all the expenses which includes

  1. Tuitions fee

  2. Travel expenses

  3. Accommodation.

  4. Books

  5. Laptop

Note: The scholarship apart from paying the whole amount requires a student to pay back with interest by working in USA.

Its includes a multiyear employment program overseas, that is in United States of America.


Eligibility Criteria of Global Alliance Scholarship Program 

  • Must be currently licensed registered Nurse (RN) who has an advanced training at nursing. Training certificate issued by the Pakistan nursing council.

  • A nurse practitioner is not eligible.

  • Must have one year of experience with acute care at a hospital.

  • Must not be a citizen of United States of America.

  • Must have CGPA of 3.5/ 4

 Note: Pakistani nursing students with clinical care and operation room experience will be preferred.


Application Procedure For Global Alliance Scholarship Program 2024

Applications are submitted online for the Global Alliance Scholarship, with the availability of listed socuments 

Documents Needed for Global Alliance Scholarship Application 

  • Pakistani students needs to have a passport issued by the government of Pakistan.

  • Pakistani students needs to have a certificate of experience from a hospital recognized by the Medical and Dental council of Pakistan.

  • Visa documentation

  • English knowledge knowing proof. (Because after completion, its mandatory to work in United states of America )

Deadlines of Global Alliance Scholarship Program 

Pakistani students wanting admissions is required to apply a year ahead of the year of admission at least before 3rd January of the year

global alliance scholarship most asked questions

FAQs About Global Alliance Scholarship

Can Pakistani students apply for the Global alliance scholarship 2024?

Yes Pakistani students can apply for this scholarship.

Can both male and female nurses from Pakistan apply for this Global Alliance Scholarship Program 2024?

Yes both male and female are eligible.

Will the Global Alliance Scholarship Program 2024 cover all my expenses?

Yes, but it requires you to pay back after completion of course in USA care for multiple years.

Does a Pakistani student need to be certified to be eligible for Global Alliance Scholarship Program 2024?

Yes because just nursing practitioners can apply for this.

What amount do I need to pay back after the course?

Whole amount because it’s an interest based pay back scholarship program.

Does Pakistani student need to know English?

Yes because after course student has to work in USA hence it’s better to prepare for tests as toefl and ielts.

Do all nursing institutes of Unites States of America offer this scholarship?

Yes all institutes that have the nursing course have this offer.

For more information on the scholarship

For more guidelines on studying medicine abroad visit website


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