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Italian Government Scholarship for Pakisani Students

The Italian Government Scholarship program offers opportunities for international students, including Pakistani students, to pursue study and research in Italy, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and a monthly stipend. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) Italy is offering financial aid to international students and Italian students residing abroad outside Italy for higher education in Italian universities.

The aim of Italian Government Scholarship is to promote Italian culture, strengthen ties with foreign countries, establishing international culture, maintaining scientific and technological cooperation between Italian universities and foreign universities and support Italian economy.

The Italian Government Scholarships are designed according to Italian constitution law 288/55 with its entire upcoming amendments and additions.


No of scholarships: Not specified  

Host country: Italy

Host institute: All Italian universities that are recognized by ministry of foreign affairs

Level of study: Scholarships are available for post graduate study programs (masters, PhD and research)

Courses: Scholarships are available for any field of study   

Benefits: Scholarship will grant a monthly stipend along with tuition fee and health insurance

Deadline: 13 July 

programs offered by italian government scholarship

Programs/ Fields Of Study For Italian Government Scholarship 

  • Students can take admission in any Italian university for post graduate study programs under the Italian Government scholarship.

  • All the universities/ institutes of Italy that are recognized by ministry of education are host institutes of Italian Government scholarship program. 

Level of Study

  • Postgraduate level.

  • Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance

  • Ph.D. program

  • Research under academic supervision

  • Italian Language and Culture Courses

No. of Scholarships

There is no specific number of scholarships. The Italian Government Scholarships are granted by evaluation committee set up at individual’s home country which selects candidates on competition  and merit base.

Host Institute and Country:

Selected students will get their higher education and reseach in Italy. 

Target Countries:

Italian Government Scholarship target multiple regions a large list of countries including: Argentina, Brazil, India, South Africa, Chile, Colombia, Ethiopia, Peru, South Africa, Uruguay and Pakistan.

italian scholarship benefits for PAkistani students

Benifits of the Italian Government Scholarship 

Tuition Fee

  • The scholarship holders are exempted from payment of tuition fee and enrollment fee which will be covered by the Italian Government.

  • In case of admissions in courses in Italian language and Italian culture, the tuition fee payment is exemption to grantees but they must pay enrollment fee from personal expenses.

Health Insurance Coverage:

  • The Italian Government Scholarship covers health insurance expense for the entire duration of scholarship holder’s stay in Italy until his/her study programme ends. It will include medical coverage in case of accident, medical condition that occurred during stay in Italy.

  • Any pre-existing medical and pathological health condition of the scholarship holder will not be covered in health insurance provided by the Italian Government Scholarship Programme.

Monthly Stipend:

  • The scholarship holders will receive 900 Euros monthly which will be transferred to their bank account in Italy on quarterly basis.

  • The first quarter of monthly stipend will only be transferred after enrollment at the chosen university in Italy has been confirmed.

  • The last installment of monthly allowance will be granted only if the academic records have been satisfactory.

  • Depending on course duration, the monthly allowance can be divided in to three or six installments.

How to be eligible for Italian Government Scholarship? 

Academic Requirements

  • The italian government scholarship applicants must hold appropriate academic qualification for the course and study level they are applying for. For example, if applying for business management course, the students must have done relevant degree for admission in it and have studied related subjects to be eligible.

  • The candidates are selected on competition basis and according to merit; the final selection is made by the evaluation committee set up in applicant’s country of origin for scholarship selections.

  • The applications will only be accepted if it is from foreign national belonging to eligible country of Italian scholarship or Italian resident residing outside Italy.

Age Requirements:

  • For admissions in postgraduate degree or Higher Education Degree in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM) Programmes/ Italian Language and Culture Courses; the applicant must be under 28 years of age.

  • For admissions in PhD degree courses, the applicant should not be over 30 years of age.

  • For admissions in Research Projects under academic supervision, the applicant should not be over 40 years of age.

Language Proficiency Requirements:

Italian Taught Courses:

  • To be enrolled in Italian language taught course, the non native Italian speakers need to prove their proficiency in Italian language through relevant Italian language certificate.

  • Under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) the minimum level required to prove proficiency in Italian language is B2.

  • The candidates, who are studying or have studied a course in Italian Language, must provide Italian Language certificate issued by the language teacher of their department in the university.

English Taught Courses:

  • To be enrolled in English Taught Course at  Italian university, all the non-native English speakers need to provide English language proficiency test certificate as admission requirement. Under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) the minimum level required to  proficiency in English language is B2.

  • For Italian language taught course, there is no need of English Language Proficiency Test Certificate.

  • Those candidates belonging from countries where English is official language, are exempted from providing English language proficiency certificate.

Italian Language and Culture Courses:

  • To be enrolled in Italian language and culture courses, the students are required to provide Italian language proficiency test certificate. Under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the minimum required for these courses is A2.

  • The candidates, who are already studying or have studied Italian language and culture course, shall provide language certificate issued by the Italian language teacher of the university they are studying or have studied.

​How to Apply for Italian Government Scholarship?

  • To apply for Italian Government Scholarship, the students can create an account at its official website link here for registration

  • After that submit an online application form and required documents here.

  • After creating an account, fill the application form and submit the required documents.

  • The evaluation committee set up by the Italian Diplomatic Mission for country of origin will assess application and inform through email address if student have been selected.

Application's Instructions

  • Submit correct and authentic information about your academic qualification after checking the eligibility requirements.

  • Any application submitted after the deadline has been passed will not be accepted.

  • The evaluation committee set for your application assessment at your country of origin by Italian Ministry of foreign affairs will contact you through your email address, so submit your frequently used email address and contact information accurately.

  • Keep in mind to enter your personal information in the application form in Latin characters. The system of Italian Government Scholarship’s Website does not accept characters that are unavailable in Italian or English alphabet.

  • You cannot copy and paste your information in the online application form; you will only type the information because the website does not accept copy paste option either.

  • Applications should only be submitted by candidate’s themselves, third party involvement is not accepted and neither do the website accepts applications from any other means.

  • There is no fee charged for application submission of Italian Government Scholarship and its official website is its only online application submission source.

Documents Required For Italian Government Scholarship Application 

  • Final diploma of secondary studies (at least 12 years)

  • Undergraduate Honors Degree (for admissions in Postgraduate (masters) courses), Postgraduate (Masters degree) (for admissions in PhD courses)

  • Italian Language Certificate if applying for admissions in programs held in Italian and English Certificate if applying for admissions in study programs held in English language.

  • Valid Passport and National Identity Card

  • Updated CV

Website (official website link with official application link)

The official website link of Italian Government Scholarship

faq of italian scholarship

FAQs About Italian Government Scholarship 2024

How can I know when application intake period of Italian Government Scholarship starts every year?

The announcement will be made at Grant section of official website of Italian Government Scholarship

How to apply for Italian Government Scholarship?

To apply for Italian Government Scholarship, make sure you meet eligibility requirements of your study course, and then do online registration on the link here. After registration you can log in at your account and submit your application and required documents for application evaluation process. 

Can Pakistani students apply for Italian Government Scholarship?

Yes, Pakistani students can apply for Italian Government Scholarships. Pakistan is one of the eligible countries for this scholarship.

If I have typed any wrong information or entered wrong contact data in my online application form, can I edit it even after submission?

You have to be very careful while submitting your application regarding authenticity of information and mistyping because once you have submitted the application, it cannot be edit. But you can request for editing by sending an email at

Is there any application and registration fee for application submission of Italian Scholarship?

No, there is no fee required for submitting scholarship application or registration at the website.

Are there age limits for scholarship applicants?

Yes, there are age limits for each of the course and academic level mentioned above in the eligibility section. Any applicant whose age does not match the requirement cannot apply for the scholarship.

Can I apply for any course at postgraduate level to be eligible for Italian Government Scholarship?

You can apply for any course at post graduate level to be eligible for Italian Government Scholarship. But that course has to be accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and it must be taught at Italian public university. 

Which English language certificates would be accepted for admission in English taught course at Italian Universities?

Any certified and international standardized English Language certificate would be accepted for admissions in English taught courses at Italian Universities. The most popular and widely accepted English Proficiency Certificates are IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge.

Which Italian language certificates would be accepted for admission in Italian taught courses at Italian Universities?

Any Italian language course attained from a recognized and certified institute would be accepted for admissions in Italian taught courses at Italian Universities.

If I am national of eligible countries for Italian Government Scholarship, but currently I am living in abroad, Can I still apply for Italian Government Scholarship?

Yes, you can still apply for Italian Government Scholarship. But your application will be attested and assessed for merit and competitive selection by evaluation committee of your country of origin. If granted the scholarship award, you have to return back to your country for later formal scholarship process and visa procedure.

Will I continue to get financial grant If my academic progress has not been satisfactory during studying abroad in Italy under Italian Government Scholarship?

The organizers will check your academic record of the previous semester. If the academic records are not satisfactory and progress has been deteriorated, the financial grant might be withheld.

Are private Italian Universities and International Institutions located in Italy also included as hosting institutes of Italian Government Scholarship?

No, only public or private universities of Italy that are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research (MIUR) are hosting institutions of Italian Government Scholarships.


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