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  1. Overview of NCITD Scholarship 2021 for Pakistani students 

 NCITD is a nonprofit organization dedicated to provide direct expertise on a range of international trade topics. It was found in 1967.

 In order to provide and promote international trade education, NCITD has established international scholarship. It’s a yearly scholarship for students of international trade   studies.  Scholarships given to Pakistani students will be paid directly to the institution, in the name of the student. Apart from availing of scholarship Student will receive a   one-year NCITD membership and will be allowed to attend monthly meetings if Pakistani student was not previously a member.

ncitd scholarship offered programs


  1. NCITD Scholarship Programs Offered 2021

 The Pakistani student who has a keen interest in trade related studies and want to seek admissions in one of the following courses.



  1. Political science

  2. International relations

  3. Economics

  4. International business

  5. International law

  6. International finance



 Under graduate and Maters level.

 Host Country

 The United States of America

 Host Institute

 National Council on International Trade Developmentand and Affiliated ones


benefits of ncitd scholarship for Pakistani students


  1. Benifits of NCITD SCholarship 

  • The amount varies from student to student Pakistani student who emerges meritorious is benefitted from this. The amount covers tuition fee.

  • Pakistani student will be awarded with membership of NCTID organization.




  1. Eligibility Criteria of NCITD

  • Pakistani student must have at least ben enrolled that is must be a junior this year in an accredited U.S. college or university

  • NCITD requires the Pakistani student to have a least a 3.0 CGPA on an average or “B” average.

  • Pakistani student must be currently pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree in International Trade studies, as political science, international relations, business, international law, international finance, economics, international etc.

Note: its best to have a NCTID member as sponsor, those student are accepted hand in hand and considered for scholarship ahead of everyone else.




  1. Documents Needed

  • Passport issued by the Gov. of Pakistan.

  •  A copy of the current transcript from university student is studying in.

  •  A letter of recommendation from the sponsor who is an  NCITD member; or from a colleague in case candidate has been working  or professor from the university

  • A brief narrative of the Pakistani student explaining his/her interest in international trade and why the student should be given this scholarship, including merit and financial need.

  • The scholarship application form.

  • Proof of volunteering work if done any.

  • Work experience letter.

  • Visa documentation.


Nationality Required:

Any except US


Application Procedure:

The all the above mentioned document must be sent on the



c/o Mr. Aaron Guffey NCITD 1901,  NW Suite 804 Washington, Pennsylvania Avenue, DC 20006


Email address:

The Committee will select the winner(s) and announce the award(s) till May 15. The awardee will be notified by e-mail and letter. The scholarship(s) will be given on June 12 at NCITD meeting.

The application form can be found here: Website


Deadlines and Dates:

To be considered for scholarship in the next year Pakistani student must apply for scholarship till 1 May of the same year. Scholarships are announced till May 15.


No. Of Awardees:

varies from university to university but the students who have a sponsor from NCITD are guaranteed the scholarship.


faq ncitd


  1. Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1

Can Pakistani student apply for the scholarship?

Students from any nationality can apply for the scholarship.

Question 2

Can a Pakistani student with the CGPA less than 3 apply?

No student bellow the CGPA of 3 is eligible, students above 3.5 CGPA will be preferred.

Question 3

Can science student apply for NCTID scholarship?

No only Political science, International relations, Economics, international business  international law, international finance are given this scholarship.

Question 4

Is work experience necessary?

No it’s not necessary but if Pakistani student who are experienced will be preferred.

Question 5

Does Pakistani student need to explain financial need?

Yes financial need must be explained.

Question 6

Does Pakistani student need to give toefel?

If require for admissions to the university Pakistani student is seeking admission in the United States of America.



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