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The Swedish institute scholarship for global professionals are available for the students from about 34 countries including Pakistan.

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) provides scholarship of master’s level to the students who have employment experience and have exhibited leadership qualities.

The students are provided this opportunities in order to experience the Swedish culture and for the improvement of relations between nations.

The scholarship is provided for a full time period of study of the masters’ course.


programs of stduy by swedish scholarship

Study program


The student can apply for masters in the below stated universities, priority will be given to the masters that lays emphasis on the united nation 2030 agenda of development. Some courses relevant to this are as under-

  1. Economics

  2. Disaster management

  3. Geography

  4. Law

  5. Sustainable sources of energy development.

  6. Public health

  7. Sanitation

  8. Planning

  9. Urban development

  10. Conservation sciences.





Host country



Host Institute



benefits of sweedish scholarhip for Pakistani students

  • The Pakistani student is provided with a health insurance.

  • Travelling charges of up to SEK 15,000.

  • SEK 10,000 as a living expense per month.

  • Full tuition fee that is directly paid to the concerned university.

  • The Pakistani student will be awarded a membership SI network of future global leaders that will help in boosting all the career of Pakistani student.

  • SI Alumni network in order to continue the network after completion of the scholarship.




Eligibility Criteria



  • The Pakistani student is required to show their 3000 hours of work experience, the work experience is not necessarily from one place but multiple places can also work. The student can apply even if they have not been employed for a full time job, the working hours from a part time job are also counted.

  • The Pakistani student must be able to show relevant leadership experience role played in their employment as well as a part of any organization.

  • The student must be a citizen of Pakistan.

  • Dual citizenship holder Pakistani students must apply under only one citizenship, if the student applies under two citizenships they will be disqualified.

  • The Pakistani student must be admitted to the Swedish university and be liable to pay tuition fee in case of non-reception of scholarship, also must have submitted application fee.

  • If the Pakistani student has resided in Sweden previously they are not eligible.

  • The Pakistani student who has already received the scholarship are not eligible that is, second time applicants are not eligible.

  • The Pakistani students who are degree holders from a university in Sweden are not eligible.

  • Dual citizens of Sweden are also not eligible.




How to Apply?



The following documents are required and the application procedure needs to be followed.

Documents Needed

  1. Passport issued by the GOV of Pakistan.

  2. Employment letter with the number of hours stated and verified.

  3. Letter of admission to the university provisional or full time is required.

  4. Proof of leadership.

  5. Motivation letter.

Application Procedure

  1. The Pakistani student needs to apply at the university in Sweden. The Pakistani student must have taken up admission in the course that falls under the criteria as stated above.

  2. The student needs to submit the scholarship form with the help of an online application portal that opens 10 February on the Swedish institute official site. The Pakistani student must submit all the documents in time.

  3. The selected students will receive notification of the scholarship, the student who has been admitted to the master’s degree program by 3 April will be the sole recipients of the scholarships.


Nationality required:



Number of scholarships:



Dates and deadlines:

20 February


swedish scholarship faq for PAkistani students


Question 1

Can Pakistani student apply for the Swedish institute scholarship for global professionals?


Yes a student from Pakistan can apply for Swedish institute scholarship for global professionals.

Question 2

Will the scholarship provide for all the travel expenses of the Pakistani student?


No the travel expenses are a onetime thing.

Question 3

Are there any English language requirements for the scholarship?


No not for the scholarship but the Pakistani student must refer to the requirements as per the institutes.

Question 4

Can a Pakistani student apply in all courses of masters under this scholarship?


No, only to the one that abide to the united nation 2030 agenda of development.

Question 5

 Can Pakistani student with dual citizenship apply for the scholarship?


Yes, but the Pakistani student should be mindful to apply only under one of the citizenships.


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