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24th February 2024


Turkey Burslari Scholarships Application Status

Updated 10th January 2024

Finally, the wait is over and Turkey Burslari scholarship portal is open for international applicants. Students interested for undergraduate and postgraduate research opportunities from all over the world including Pakistan are encouraged to apply.

Best of luck for 2024 Turkey scholarships applications. 

Updated on 8th January 2024

Applications for Turkey Burslari scholarship program will open in coming two days. You must be prepared and arrange all required documents to submit your application on time. Remember, application portal will remain open from 10th January 2024 to 24th February 2024. 


Turkish Government has extended the last date for Turkiye Burslari scholarship program on demand of students. Now Pakistani students can submit thier applications for Turkiye Burslari scholarship until 24th February 2023

Turkey Burslari Scholarship For Pakistani Students For 2024

  • The Turkey Scholarship programme commenced in 1992 under President Turgut Özal tenure, it was available for nationals of countries which had bilateral agreement with Turkey but the current designed of the Turkey Scholarship was reviewed and improved in 2012 allowing many other countries to participate.Aimed at fostering educational collaboration and cultural exchange, it supports Pakistani scholars in achieving academic excellence and building lasting ties between Turkey and Pakistan.

  • The Turkey Burslari Scholarship Programme is an initiative of Government of Turkey to enhance and strengthen bilateral ties with other countries and promote higher education worldwide.

  • Through Turkey Scholarship program thousands of students from different countries and continents study in Turkey at associate, under graduate, post and doctorate levels.

  • The feature that distinct Turkey Burslari scholarship from other international scholarships programmes is that it not only offers financial aid to students but also provides assistance for university placement at their applied study programme.

  • Turkey scholarship programme ensures participants engage in cultural, social and extra- curricular activities while their stay in Turkey.

  • The Turkish Scholarship Programme has expanded its contribution and included researchers, academicians and civil servants of other countries under its hood for financial support on Turkish language education and research on various modules of education.

  • The Turkey Scholarships Programme is designed with core aim of building bridges with other countries, therefore even after graduation and returning to their country, the organizers sustain a friendly relationship with scholarship participants who serve as volunteer ambassadors of Turkey at their native lands.

burslari scholarship programs

Turkey Burslari Scholarship Programs and level of study

Level of study include: associate, undergraduate, post graduate (Masters and PhD) and research scholarships. Field of study includes every stream and course modules offered by universities in Turkey but the study programme you apply for must have equivalency with your previous degree. The exceptions of study programme that cannot be applied through Turkey Burslari scholarship at different academic level are as follows:

  • For undergraduate level, students can apply for any field of study except two years vocational or associate degree course.

  • For postgraduate level, students can apply for any field of study except for specialization in health sciences.

No. of scholarships

The numbers of scholarships under Turkish Burslari programme for each country are announced every year.

Host Institute and Country

Turkey is hosting country of Turkey burslari scholarship programme and all universities in Turkey are its hosting institutes.

Target countries

Target countries of Turkish Burslari scholarship programme include all countries including Afghanistan, Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Belgium, Burundi, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Japan and Pakistan.

Benefits Provided to Selected Students Under Turkey Scholarship 

For Full -Time Undergraduate Study Programme Scholarship:

  • Assistance in university and study programme placement

  • Monthly stipend (amount 700 TL)

  • University Tuition Fee

  • Once off return travel ticket payment

  • Health insurance coverage

  • Accommodation cost

  • One year Turkish language course

For Full-Time Postgraduate Study Programme Scholarship

  • Assistance in university and study programme placement

  • Monthly stipend ( For Master’s Level  950 TL and for PhD Level 1400 TL per month)\

  • University Tuition fee

  • Once off return travel ticket payment

  • Health insurance coverage

  • Accommodation cost

  • One year Turkish language course

For Short Term Study Programmes Scholarship (1 year duration course)

  • Monthly stipend (for under graduate level 440 TL, for Master’s level 590 TL, for PhD 880 TL per month)

  • Accommodation, health insurance, travel ticket cost is not covered.

For Research Scholarships:

  • Monthly stipend of 3,000 TL per month will be given to the scholarship holder.

  • Accommodation, heath insurance, university fee, travel ticket cost is not included in research scholarship.

For Turkish Language Programme for Public Officials and Academicians [KATİP] (8-10 months)

  • Monthly stipend (2,000 TL per month)

  • Once-off return travel ticket payment

  • Accommodation cost

  • Turkish language course

  • Health insurance is not covered in this scholarship.

What is eligibility criteria for Turkey Burslari scholarship?

  • For undergraduate study programme applicants, minimum academic achievement in higher secondary school diploma is 70%

  • For postgraduate ( Master’s and Doctorate study programmes) applicants, minimum academic achievement required is 75% in Undergraduates Honors and Postgraduate, Masters Degree

  • For admission in study programmes related to Health Science (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) at undergraduate or postgraduate level, the applicants must have minimum academic achievement of 90% in their previous degrees.

Age Eligibility:

  • For undergraduate study programme, the applicant’s age must be under 21

  • For postgraduate (Masters) study programme, the applicant’s age must be under 30

  • For postgraduate (PhD) study programme, the applicant’s age must be under 35.

Nationality Requirements

Citizens of all countries can apply for Turkey burslari scholarship programme. Researchers and academicians are eligible to apply for this scholarship as well.

Non-Eligible Groups:

  • The Turkish citizens cannot apply for Turkish scholarship; it is only for foreign students.

  • The former Turkish citizens who have changed their nationality can also not apply for this scholarship.

  • Students of any nationality currently enrolled in universities of turkey through private funding or other scholarships are also not eligible to apply for Turkey Burslari programme.

Required documents to be eligible for Turkey Scholarship 

  • Valid national identity card or passport

  • Recently taken photograph of candidate (Candidates must keep in that the photograph they upload of themselves must be proper portrait, it should be identical to their present appearance or otherwise it may become cause of undermining of your application during evaluation)

  • National examination scores (it is for the candidate’s who do not possess any international qualification certificate)

  • Certificate of Graduate or Temporary Diploma if you have not received final certificate yet

  • Record of academic transcripts (certified photocopies of academic transcripts must be uploaded, any screen shot or smart phone camera photographs cause your application’s undermining during evaluation)

  • International examination score (GRE, GMAT, DELF, YDS, YÖS) It depends on the academic requirements of your chosen Turkish university for scholarship.

  • Language Proficiency test scores (it depends on your chosen Turkish University’s requirements)

  • Research Proposal, Study Plan and Sample of previously written research work, essay, publication (For PhD Candidates)

How to apply for Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024?

  • Step 1: Visit Turkey scholarship’s official website to search study program at your academic level, you can also apply through Turkey Burslari scholarships from hec wesbite.

  • Step 2: after selecting programme and understanding its eligibility criteria, create an account to apply for scholarship.

  • Step 3: To submit application, create an account here on this link of Turkey scholarship’s official website.

  • Step 4: Fill application with authentic information, upload required documents and recent photograph.

  • Step 5: The application process and uploading of documents might take 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Step 6: You can check evaluation and status of your scholarship application by login this account.

Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024 Application Instructions:

  • The applications for Turkey Burslari scholarship Programme are only submitted at its official website.

  • There is no application fee imposed on candidates, so if any third party (Institution or person) asks you to pay any fee, it is a scam.

  • All the information you provide must be accurate and authentic any fake information might result in undermining of your application’s evaluation.

  • Applications for Turkey Scholarship are only accepted through its website’s online means, no by courier or by post application would be accepted.

  • Applicants must upload all the required documents by scanning after creating an account at Turkey Scholarship’s official website.

  • No screen shots or camera photographs of documents will be accepted.

  • Turkey scholarship programme offers university placement assistance as well, the students submitting application will be applying for both university placement and scholarship in one application.

  • Students can choose 12 preferences of study programmes and universities in application.

  • Most of the Turkish Universities have Turkish language as their language of instruction. If you are applying for a English taught programme and are a non-native English speaker then you must provide English language Proficiency Test Certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge or Equivalent).

  • Most of the Turkish Universities also require international examination scores for admission eligibility such as GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. So while selecting a study programme ascertain its requirements and apply accordingly by submitting all required documents and certificates.

  • For admission in Turkish taught programme, C1 Level Certificate for Turkish Proficiency will be required. Or students can enroll in 1 year Turkish language course to attain C1 Level Certificate till the end of their academic year.

  • The students apply for under graduate study programme, who do not have any national exam score (higher secondary school diploma) and only international exam score such as SAT or GCSE, will be required to provide qualification proof of secondary school level education equivalent to these international exams.

  • Make sure to submit all the required documents, language test, international exam score and application on time.

Turkey Burslari Scholarship Calender for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarship Programs

  • The Turkish Scholarships applications will remain open from 15th January to 20th February.

  • The evaluation process of applications will start from 20th February till month of April.

  • From April to May, selected candidates will be called for interviews.

  • Announcement of final selected candidates will be made in the month of July.

  • Scholarship agreements and visa procedures commence from July.

  • Travel of scholarship holders to Turkey and beginning of the academic year is from 1st of September till 15th of September.

Research scholarships

  • The applications will be received from 1st of January till 31st March for 1st period.

  • There four periods of results announcements of applications receiving, first in April, second in June, 3rd in July and fourth in January.

Short Term Study Programme Scholarship (Success Scholarships)

  • The Turkish burslari scholarships for short term study programme will open in October till November. The evaluation process of applications will last from November till December.

  • The announcement of selected candidates will be made in December.

Website Official website link with official application link

The official website link of Turkey Scholarship

faq burslari scholarship

FAQs About Turkey Burslari Scholarship

Do the degrees and diplomas granted by Turkish Universities have global recognition?

The Turkish Universities have accreditation of Higher Education Council of Turkey (YOK). The YOK supervises quality of education, structure of study programmes and curriculum design offered by Turkish Universities. 

Do I have to learn Turkish Language for admission in Turkish Universities?

If you are applying for English taught study programme at Turkish University, learning of Turkish language or proving proficiency in Turkish language through any language test is not required. But majority of Turkish Universities offer Turkish taught study programmes, make sure to choose a study program at Turkish university which is offered in your preferred language of instruction.

Can I upload documents after scholarship application deadline has ended?

You must upload the required documents including language test scores, international exam scores and others before the deadline of application submission ends. For undergraduate programme, if you are about to be graduated till September of present academic year, you can apply for Turkey Burslari scholarship. But after September your documents will not be accepted.

How do I apply for Turkey scholarship?

The specific feature about Turkey Scholarship is that is assists students in university placement. To apply for Turkey Scholarship you will visit its official website. Search for the study programme you will to apply for. Check eligibility criteria mentioned above. If you meet the eligibility criteria, create an account at Turkey scholarship’s official website, upload required documents on within application submission deadline.

Do I have to apply at my chosen Turkish University first before applying for Turkey scholarship programme?

No, you will only apply at Turkey Scholarship’s official website after checking eligibility criterion at your academic level. The Turkey Scholarship Programme offers university placement services as well.

How do I know what application submission deadlines of Turkey scholarships are?

Must stay in touch with official website of Turkey Burslari scholarship.

Which country’s national are eligible to apply for Turkey Burslari scholarships?

The nationals of all countries are eligible to apply for Turkey Burslari Scholarship including Pakistani students intended to study abroad in Turkey.

Do I have to take services of any private institution or my university to apply for Turkey scholarship?

No, there is no need of any third party involvement. To apply Turkey Burslari Scholarship Programme you must meet eligibility criteria of applying study programme and academic level. There is no tuition fee, the students can create an account at its official website and follow instructions simple to submit scholarship application.

Is TOEFL and IELTS necessary for admissions in Turkish Universities?

If you are national of non-native English speaking country and are applying for English taught study programme at Turkish university than yes, you need to pass TOEFL or IELTS or any equivalent English language proficiency test.

How will I know if I have been selected for scholarship?

In application process, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address, your personal contact information such phone number and address. The status of your application will also be mentioned in your personal account that you created for application submission. But confirmation and interview call of Turkey scholarship will be notified to you via your email address. Make sure to enter your contact details carefully.

Is there any age limit to apply for Turkey scholarship?

Yes, there is an age limit to apply for Turkey scholarship at each academic level. To apply for under graduate level full time study programme or short term course, the applicant’s age must be under 25 years, for post graduate (Masters) study programme or short course, the applicant’s age must be under 30 years and for PhD level study programme or short course, the applicant’s age must be under 35 years.


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