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Benefits & Challenges in Studying Abroad For Pakistani Students

Benefits & Challenges Pakistani Students Face While Studying Abroad

In this modern age it became a trend that people tend to move abroad for their higher education. This trend is running all over the world and the Pakistani students are not exceptional in this matter. Every Pakistani student has the desire to get higher education from the world top ranked university. Actually, study abroad is an amazing idea because one can get the quality education and best sources of learning as studying abroad. There are a lot of new things come to know for a student as living or studying abroad. Students face a large number of benefits as studying abroad. But at the same time, it is also a true statement that study abroad is not less than a biggest challenge of life. Here we are going to discuss about the benefits and challenges that a Pakistani student faces while studying abroad. 

Benefits of Study Abroad 

No doubt, a student gets a lot of benefits when he goes abroad for study purposes. From these many benefits the best as well as common are described below:

1.            Personal Growth

Actually, living with strangers in a new environment where you face new challenges in every single moment makes you stronger and better than others. This is the reason that study abroad develops you personally.

2.            High Quality Education

In Pakistan we know there is education of less quality as compared to other foreign/developed countries. Another difficulty comes to see that there are less numbers of institutes exist in Pakistan. So, as living in these circumstances a student deprives to get good quality higher education. Study abroad bestows you high quality education because in the foreign developed countries there are much better opportunities.

3.            Communication Development

Study abroad is a way to brush up your language skills. As studying abroad you meet the people of different languages. This helps you to be communicative to break the language barrier.  

4.            Better Career Opportunities     

Study abroad is, no doubt, a good impression that boost your resume. A foreign degree brings the much better career opportunity as compared to local degree.

5.            World Tour

A beautiful and amazing thing that comes to see while studying abroad is that you are making a tour to see the distance places and other world. Mostly, people have the desire to see the world, so, study abroad enables you to see the world.

6.            New Culture Familiarity 

Study abroad means you are living at the place about which you were not familiar before. New foods, customs, events and rules & regulations come to see. In this way a person becomes enable to know about more than one culture. 

7.            Skills/Experience Enhancement

Study abroad provided an increment about confidence, patience, adaptability, communication, management, self-sufficiency and also enables one to prepare his/her for the new challenges of life. All these things, surely, give an enhancement in personal skill and experience. 

8.            Enjoy and Fun in Life

Well, you are living abroad. Meeting with new people, eating new tasty foods, attempt cultural and other seasonal events are all bring an adventurous time for you. So, while studying abroad student make a lot of fun and enjoy in their life.               

9.            Diverse Range of Friends 

You meet with the people of different nation and different countries as studying abroad. This provides you globalization through which your friendship becomes stronger at worldwide level. 

10.          Attitude Exposure          

By getting familiarity with different cultures and different nations there is broad range visions add to your attitude. So, study abroad bestows you a broad range mindset.  

Challenges of Study Abroad

1.            Melancholy

Even hide it as much as you can but it is true that you miss your family and friends while studying abroad. A melancholy about family and friends you can never defeated at all.

2.            Accommodation Problem

Accommodation is one of the biggest problem that you face as living in abroad. It is one of the basic requirements that everyone needs. Rental apartment are costly in foreign cities. So this is the biggest challenge to prepare before studying abroad. 

3.            Financial Problem

You are studying abroad it does mean that you are also working there. Sometimes, the students are not able to get employment/job opportunity as studying abroad. So, they face a biggest challenge about their financial status.   

4.            Time Zone Difference

You see a time difference between your hometown and the place where you are currently living. This disturbs your routine badly.

5.            Away from Supporting Network

It is awesome to living abroad but only when you are living well. “The life is a collection of unexpected events”, and if, unfortunately, you stuck in a problem you can’t get the support of your supporting network because you are far away from this which is really a biggest challenge. 

6.            An Independent Lifestyle

Well it sounds good that you are living an independent life as living abroad. But, at the same time, when the challenges of an independent life come to face i.e. cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, shopping and some other related task then it becomes really an absurd sound. 

7.            You’re an Outsider

An absurd feeling always reflects you that you are not the person of this country. You are surrounded by many people but you are different from them in lifestyle. This really makes you unhappy and brings moments of depressions. 

8.            Language Barrier

It is the difficult task to learn language quickly. Language is just like a tool and you can learn a tool by practicing it again and again. Most of the students can overcome to English language but when you are living in a country where English is not native than you face it too hard to break the barrier of language. 

9.            Cultural Misunderstanding

Different customs, traditions, festivals, foods and lifestyle people, sometime, can’t afford and this becomes a biggest challenge for them to overcome. 

10.          Currency Difference

There is a huge currency difference exists in the developed countries. When students go to the foreign countries they face it as a big challenge to overcome about the currency difference.

Here is a complete details of all challenges that you face while studying abroad and the benefits of studying aroad as well






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