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Job & Residency Information For Pakistani Students

Job & Residency Information for Students While Studying Abroad

The worst challenges that our Pakistani students face while studying in abroad are the challenges about residence and financial level. They need to get better accommodation and moderate financial level for living abroad. Here is the complete guide or detail is available that how the students can manage their job and residence as living in abroad.

Job Ideas

There are many countries who provide the job opportunity to the foreign students to meet with their financial requirements i.e. tuition fee, accommodation and food costs. Following are the descriptions to know how to get job during your study at abroad.

Where to Find Job?

Very first problem that the students is that where to find a job. So here are few tips are extracted for our students that really help to find a good job.

  • Local newspapers
  • Announcement from your University 
  • University website
  • Regional jobs websites
  • Asked to your community

We hope that by applying these methods for finding a job you will, surely, get a job with in less time.     

Country That Provide Job Opportunity  

There are some countries exist that allow the students to do job during the study period. But at the same time there are also country exist that are different in this matter. The students must choose the country that provide the job opportunity to the students during study period. Following are the countries where students are applicable to get jobs:


Job Descriptions


The students are allowed to get job within 10-20n hours a week.


Students up to 20 hours can work in France but they have to pay 20% of the salary for tax.


Students in the relevant field of their study can get job for up to 20 hours a week.


Students for full time can do job up to 120 days/year.

Students for part time can do job up to 240 days/year.


Under certain conditions Italy strictly allow the students to do job.


After at least one year academic studies the students are allowed to do job for up to 20 hours


Generally, china does not allow the students to do job. But under certain conditions you are allowed.


If you are a student of full time degree with enrolling in a government university then you are allowed to do job for up to 16v hours/week.


Australia allows the students to do job for up to 40 hours every two weeks and full time employment opportunity in vacations.

New Zealand

New Zealand under certain conditions allow the students to get job for up to 20 hours/week.


There are some states that allow the students to do job but mostly the students are not allowed to do jobs.


How to Manage Job?

Students must know about their study timings are studying in the university. Now, calculate the time that at which time you are able to do job. Give first priority to your studies and in the rest time join some kind of job. 

Best Jobs for Students?

Following are the best and the easiest ideas to get job as studying abroad.

  • Restaurant/Bar Attendant 
  • Tutoring
  • Office Assistant
  • Internship
  • Call center
  • Volunteering
  • Retail
  • Freelancing

All these mentioned jobs are of normal post and students can easily get these without wasting much time by looking here and there.         

Residence Ideas

It is really a big decision to plan study abroad. After choosing the subject or getting admission in a foreign university the very next thing that you face to manage is your accommodation. You are going to a strange place where you are not familiar with the people and with the places as well. So, it could be difficult for a person to manage at strange place amongst the strangers. So, if you are also getting this kind of trouble than do not be worried. Because we are here to guide you completely that how you can manage your accommodation when you will live abroad for study purposes. Following are the steps that will really helpful for you.

What is your choice?

Before noticing about your stay at foreign you must consider first your requirements that what you need actually. There are people of different temperament. There are some people who want to live separately but at the same time there are people who cannot live without other people’s company. Actually, the differences create when you think that can you share your washroom and kitchen with other people with whom you are not familiar. There are some people who never compromise with their privacy but at the same time there are people who do not care about these things. So first you think that which type of person you are. This will help you to choose your right accommodation while living abroad.

Look Through Financial Status           

So, you are going to living abroad and you are the owner of your expenses. Make it sure that you have enough money to spent for having stay at abroad according to your temperament. Clearly, we would say that if your condition is tight in budget then you must choose an accommodation somewhere else from your university or to share with others i.e. sharing with your classmates. However, you can take the apartment and room on rent. But, if you think that your budget is somehow generous that allows you to take the better apartment or room for living than you must take the stay according to your temperament. At foreign for the convenience of the students luxurious made apartment with all basic requirements are available.   


The place somehow near to your University or institute is the ideal location for you to choose for your accommodation. This will help you to reach at your class timely and at the time of leaving you will reach at your apartment within less time. Another tip to choose the location is that choose the location near to your university as well as near to the markets. This is because you are totally stranger at the beginning so you will need a time to understand about the people as well as the places

These are the basic things lo live a healthy life as living abroad. Once, you will get your basics clearly then you can pay your full attention towards the studies and you will get a good goal.  

Following are the countries where students are applicable to get jobs and accomodation:










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