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15 Vital UK Slang Words for International Students

UK slang words most commonly known as Slang English are student’s preferred method of communicating a message in short form or otherwise known as slang words for the foreign student.


UK students hotspot destination

Students from all over the world approx. 750,000 foreign students enroll in several UK universities each year as UK is known for its high standards in quality education all over the world. Uk is considered the first choice of international students when it comes to English degrees and courses. UK being home of some of the most highly regarded educational universities in the world including Oxford and Cambridge University no wonder UK qualified students are recognized worldwide.


UK Educational High Standards

Uk, being number one preference due to its high education standards, attracts over 200 students from all over the world, including majority students from India, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, China and the United States visit the UK for their future studies.


Foreign Students language struggles

Students of the world not only have to adjust to foreign country lifestyles and standards, but most students also struggle to cope with the major dialects of English language. Linguistic barrier being already a major obstacle for international students to cope with further difficult British slang in order to clear their view points toward others.

International students will experience different forms and dialects of English language. You may be familiar with some common British slang words like “bloody hell” or “mate” that you may have come across while watching some British movies. There are many slang words that foreign students need to understand before visiting UK as UK slang is very important in order to convey your messages across British students and people.


  1. Mate: This word is used to compliment someone or call someone a friend. Male friends are also called chap or lad, and female friends are called lassie or lass.

  2. Sick: The word “Sick” is used to portray a form of being “cool” among students. For example: That band’s song was so sick.

  3. Tenner or Fiver: This word is used to ask some friend for 10 or 5 sterling pounds. Example: can you lend me a tenner for lunch.

  4. Pissed: This word is easily confused with being angry or annoyed, although meaning bling drunk.

  5. Quid: This word is used to denote or portray a British pound sterling being the common word for the currency of UK.

  6. Uni: This word being popular British slang word used among students in UK, meaning University or college.

  7. Libes: This word is used to denote the word library. For example: Which way to the libes?

  8. Fresher: This Slang English word is used to denote freshman or first-year student. For example: That guy is a fresher mate!

  9. Loo: This word means toilet. For example: Please excuse me, where is the way to the loo?

  10. Budge up: This word means to make room or move as it is a commonly used slang word in class.

  11. Hunky-Dory: This word means to denote that everything is cool, normal or okay.

  12. Knackered: This word used to portray feelings of tiredness, no energy or exhaustion. Example: I am totally knackered after that race.
    Sloshed: This term is used to portray students either being drunk. Other slang words portraying similar meanings are plastered, smashed, lashed, pissed and trolleyed.

  13. Fortnight: This word is used to denote two week period: Example: My friend is going to the countryside, see you in a fortnight buddy.

  14. Gobsmacked: This word is used to express surprise and shock that is beyond belief.

  15. Cheers: This word is used to denote or portray thanks among the British people.

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