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3 Years Diploma In Psychology In Canada

Who are psychologists? They provide treatment and counselling to the people. They help the people in promotion of their systemic and social progress through psychological evaluations and study of individuals. Many Pakistani students have dream to study abroad where there is no dearth of availability of good courses. Diploma in psychology in Canada is a 3 year program. Here in this news is going to provide all information related to study psychology in Canada.


> Overview


It is important to know that what a psychologist does and process to be followed by him/ her, when planning to study psychology in Canada. Here are some important points have been discussed for ease of the students.

  • A psychologist spend a day on gathering data, investigation, implementation of behavioral tests on the clients, diagnosing conditions and writing.

  • Psychologists can find themselves writing articles and findings. The primary purpose of a psychologist is to teach people.

  • Through an analysis, a psychologist can test the personality, aptitude, ability and behavior test of patients.

  • Many of psychiatrists work independently and others may work with a team of health care, social worker, partnering doctor and others

  • They may have their personal clinics or may work in hospitals, cultural and mental health centres and traditional work places.

  • Mostly psychiatrist operate in universities, colleges and other private research groups

> Key Features

Level of Courses



3 years


12th or similar is the key qualifying requirement, As a minimum graduation requirement for diploma is 10th

Examination Type in Canada

Semester System

Admission process

Online applications

IELTS/ TOFEL is required


Job Positions after Diploma

Clinical psychologist Counselling

Educational Psychologist

High Intensity Therapist

Forensic Psychologist

Occupational Psychologist  


> Best Institutes In Canada For Diploma Course In Psychology

Here are the best universitiesf for Psychology in Canada

> Career Opportunities In Canada After Diploma

Diploma graduates can start their career as one of the following 

  • There is considerable variety for psychiatrists in Canada, the highest paid career wages for psychiatrists in Canada is $167,000.

  • There are many options with different range of wages depending geographic location, job market and experience.

  • They have option to open private clinic.

  • Psychiatrists may start their practice in any hospital, organization or education centre.   

We hope this blog is helping for those who are planning to search and start 3 year diploma in Canada. If you have more queries you may add your profile at and get free consultancy from our experts.

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