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Alarming Situation Regarding High Visa Rejection Rates

Studying abroad is almost everyone’s dream but if we look back in previous years many famous countries that are considered as central educational hubs like Australia and Canada were rejecting student visas. And now the latest news comes as a surprise for many.

Now New Zealand is also rejecting student visas for international students. Recently in the year 2024 New Zealand has a high visa rejection rate especially for Indian students. As per the report issued by New Zealand broadcaster, from the month of January to April 2024 around 40% of  Indian applications for study visas were denied by Immigration New Zealand.

When the New Zealand government was formed, there was so much hope for having a good implementation in Visa policy, but the visa situation has gotten worse. Because the applications of students were not processed in time, many students who planned to take their admission in February intake have moved it to July.

This might lead to a loss of diversity and talent in New Zealand's tourism and education system but still they are rejecting students’ visas. Let's have a look at the main reasons and causes of rejection.

Reason for High Rejection Rate of Student Visa.

Every year, countless students from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India etc, plan to enroll in foreign universities to achieve an international degree. But not everyone got a chance and now authorities of countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand are rejecting student visas that include several reasons for rejection.

  • The main and most highlighted reasons for visa rejection that, foreign countries are facing is Urbanization, growing populations, and the influx of students between international and domestic students.

  • High rejection rates are attributed to many other various factors, including insufficient funding evidence. An inadequate financial documentation is a frequent reason for student visa applications rejection.

  • Not meeting language proficiency requirements is another reason for rejection. All applicants for student visas must demonstrate that they speak English at least at a functional level.

  • Sadly, a lot of dishonest immigration agents take advantage of students and submit fraudulent applications, which result in visa rejection right away.

  • Failure to provide a sufficient justification for your study goal and purpose may result in a refusal of your visa.


Let's get to the conclusion you shouldn't attempt to reapply until you've fixed the issues that caused the initial rejections. If your rejection was due to something you could have fixed, such as a lack of funds or a legitimate study plan and evidence of your genuine intention to study there should be a fix before re applying for your student visa. We hope that New Zealand and other countries could make the student visa process easier by offering proper checklists and clear guidelines.

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