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All Living and Education Cost and Expenses to Study Abroad in United Kingdom

The best degree around the globe you will get is from United Kingdom’s universities which provide not only transcript but also a guaranteed bright career. If you are thinking about studying abroad, best and most wanted place will be Study in UK for students. Study Abroad in UK for Pakistani Students is considered perfect because of its outstanding study mechanism, a numerous opportunities for every class of people, flexible and relaxing fee structure, professional educational environment in UK’s top universities and colleges, advance research techniques and lots more. Along with excellent educational history it has stable economy, colorful life, and rich cultural heritage. So it will be fun and more interesting to be there for making your career.
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Visa and Ticket Cost:
Before you get to cost of visa and ticket to United Kingdom, make sure you know how to apply for UK student visa and what documents will be required. For that here see How to Apply for UK Study Visa. Even before you apply for Visa, you must have gotten admission in a university of United Kingdom. Here see How to Apply for UK universities.
After completing all requirements for UK visa, you will have to pay a price for this visa. If you don’t know about UK visa requirements, here see Documents Required to Study in UK. UK study visa will a Pakistani student about 53,000 Pakistani Rupees. If you are going to stay in UK for more than 6 months, you will also have to buy Health Insurance in advance which will cost approximately £150 per year that equivalent to about 20,000 PKR.

Rents and Transportation:
At Least Monthly Cost
At Most Monthly Cost
£380 approx. (50,000 PKR)
£750 approx. (100,000 PKR)
Gas and Electricity
£50 approx. (6,500 PKR)
£80 approx. (10,500 PKR)
£20 approx. (2,600 PKR)
£60 approx. (7,800 PKR)
Mobile phone
£10 approx. (13,000 PKR)
£50 approx. (6,500 PKR)
£10 approx. (13,000 PKR)
£40 approx. (5,200 PKR)
Stationary and Books
£25 approx. (3,200 PKR)
£50 approx. (6,500 PKR)
Total per month
£635 approx. (83,000 PKR)
£1,280 approx. (168,000 PKR)
Bus Fares
£1.60 (210 PKR) per journey, £45 (5,900 PKR) monthly travel card
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Food and Groceries:
Cost of food and groceries usually depends on your taste and diet. Some don’t eat much and some require heavy calories. It is an important factor if you eat out or cook at home. Eating can be more expensive than cooking home. If you want food of according to your own cultural taste then cooking at home is recommended. Here I am sharing price of almost every eatable in United Kingdom that is courtesy of University of Edinburgh.
Fast Food:
£2.50 - £4.00
£1.75 - £3.00
Soft drink
£1.00 - £2.50
£3.00 - £5.00
Curry meal
 £3.50 - £4.50
Fish & chips
£3.50 - £5.00
Burger & chips
£2.75 - £4.00
Pizza (1 portion)
 £2.75 - £4.00
Restaurant Lunch
£7.00 - £10.00
Restaurant Dinner
 £12.00 - £20.00
 £2.50 - £5.00
Red apples 1kg
Bananas 1kg
Orange for 1
Lemon for 1
White grapes 1kg
Carrots 1kg
Tomatoes 1kg
Cucumber for 1
Salad 100-200g
Basmati rice 1kg
Pasta (shaped) 1kg
Noodles 100g
Naan bread
Breakfast cereal 1kg
Biscuits 250-500g
Pepsi cola 2 litres
Tea 125-150g
Mineral water 2 litres
Orange juice 1 litre
Milk (whole) 4 pints
Eggs 6 large
Chicken (whole) 1 Kg
Lamb chops x 6
Beef steak 500g

Educational Expenses:
In educational expenses, you will have to cover your admission fee and after that semester or year fee. Admission fee is a time thing that you pay only when getting admission with the fees of first year. Usually, the tuition fee is paid for whole coming year. One year covers about two semesters. Depending on the program you applied for, you will pay fee at the start of each academic year. Following I have mentioned the approximate average tuition fee that you will have to pay in United Kingdom. Exact fee depends on the place in United Kingdom you go to, the university and the program you got admission in. Your tuition fee may be less than what is mentioned and may even be higher.
Tuition Fee
$14,000 - $15,000 per year
$14,000 - $22,000 per year

Scholarships in United Kingdom:

If you find it difficult to afford your educational expenses in United Kingdom then you should apply for scholarships. You are only eligible to apply for scholarship if you already have got admission in a university of that country that is recognized the country’s officials. Following are different types of schemes that offer scholarships and grants to the students who need financial assistance in their education. You should Google and apply for them. Each scheme has its own merit and eligibility criteria that you must fulfill. You may even have to take part in a test and internview.
Government of UK Awards

·         British Chevening Scholarships

·         Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

·         Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities

Non-governmental UK Awards

·         Euraxess UK

·         CastleSmart Scholarship

·         Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships

University-specific UK Awards

·         Bristol University International Scholarships

·         University of Birmingham International Postgraduate Scholarships

·         Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships

·         Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford

·         University of Edinburgh Global Scholarships

·         Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students

·         University of Nottingham International Scholarships

·         Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University

·         Swansea University Undergraduate Scholarships

·         University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships

·         University of Westminster Scholarships 


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