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How to Make Good Friends While Studying Abroad

No man is an island in itself, it is mandatory for a human to yearn for camaraderie and relationships with people around them.  To study abroad, Pakistani students leave behind their family and friends; sacrifice the familiarity of their milieu back home for the sake of academic enhancement and personal growth. Making friends can be challenging and difficult more than one can imagine while studying in abroad because of language barrier, cultural gap, social differences, religious prospective, political opinions and ethnicity. But at the same time, Pakistani students tend to build long lasting friendships and social ties with people belonging to diverse cultures and ethnicities while studying in abroad because of their congenial behaviors and communal roots. Besides academic enhancement, studying in abroad is a once in a lifetime chance to know new people and develop understanding and tolerance for differences; as daunting as it sounds, we have come up with a few gem of tips regarding making friends in abroad while studying for Pakistani students. 

tips to make good friends in abroad

  • Join a Group/Society in University

The best way to meet people of similar interests and hobbies as you in the university is to join a university group or society that is related to your academic course or your hobby. Generally in all universities, there are dramatic societies, sports clubs, debating society, student unions, social work activists club and many more. Not only you will have something interesting to be engaged on after your classes and get rid of dull routine, you will get a chance to know people with common prospective and goals in life as you, you will be able to share knowledge and develop a strong bond with the participants of the society over time. In fact, Pakistani student’s population is quite large in foreign countries, finding your country men in the university abroad will not be an issue, you can create a Pakistani students society and meet your fellow natives through it.

  • Attend Social Events at University

You have enrolled in a university by meeting admission and language requirements in abroad and undertook many difficult decisions for it in order to grow academically and personally, so why would you sit at home and not explore the happenings events of the university? Attending events is the most convenient way of building connections and welcoming people in your life. You must attend as many events as you can and take advantage of this exposure which will open many professional, personal and social opportunities for you. You will learn to communicate with people in better way and represent your country by attending such events.

  • Being a Goodwill Ambassador of Pakistan and Representing Your Country

Being a Pakistani student in abroad is even harder because of widespread myths about Pakistan’s political and social condition but extremely advantageous if utilized properly. Pakistani students studying in abroad have an opportunity to represent their country as goodwill ambassadors and create a true image of Pakistan in mind of foreigners which is majorly maligned by media targeting. It is through good behavior, tolerance, congeniality, good manners and respecting others that Pakistani students will be able to make new friends and clear the blurred image and dogmas about Pakistanis and Pakistan among foreigners.

  • Camaraderie with Your Roommates

Don’t take your roommate or roommates for granted, they are your go to person in abroad and your very first friends. It is natural and easy to build camaraderie with your roommate, as you two or three share space, you can count on each other in the time of need and more importantly introduce each other with your friends to enlarge the circle. If your roommate is shy or a rather introvert, you must reach out, help them every now and then, offer food and do tender and gentle gestures to initiate friendship, which we bet you will not regret later.


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