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How to practice self-care while studying abroad

How to practice self-care while studying abroad

Studying abroad will become daunting if you do not take care of yourself. Remember this is a place where mom is nowhere so you are your own care taker. Waking up early and coping with the toughest academic schedule only become acceptable if you are healthy and happy. God forbid if you get sick or suffer mental stress then this foreign destination is no less than an inferno.

Once you reach your destination, take out the dairy and jot down important points about your self- care. Set a daily, weekly or monthly routine of self -care practice .This doesn’t mean that self-care is a hard task to accomplish. Simply entertaining yourself is also included in the self-care routine.

Generally, students are frightened and confused in the foreign atmosphere and try to work extra hard to get along with their studies. Strange food and climate are the things which require time for adjustment.

The Physical Self-Care:

Health is Wealth:

The foremost thing to consider about self -care is your health. Yes, health is wealth! When you are settled with the necessary stuff, try to figure out which factors can affect your health. If you are prone to seasonal allergies or have some digestive problems,try to find out the healthier ways to overcome them and take precautionary measures .If you are able to treat them with home remedies its good but if you are feeling something serious promptly consult a doctor.


Precautionary measures:

Mostly Asians especially students from India and Pakistan can’t bear the extreme cold climate of western countries. It’s better to be alert before the season begins .Collect warm clothes and keep flu medicines with you .Drink hot beverages and take vitamin C to keep yourself healthy .Remember the address of the nearest pharmacy and get a list of over the counter drug from them.


Drink Water:

Hydrate your body well with sufficient water. It does not matter how cool is the atmosphere, proper hydration is necessary for a fit body. Eat healthy foods to restore your skin radiance.


Potato couches are not allowed! To remain fit and smart in a foreign university, you should exercise regularly. If you think you are unable to join a gym and have no time for workouts, just walk few miles to keep your body in shape.

One foreign student from Indiana University has commented   that he was fortunate to meet people who encouraged each other to eat healthy and keep active while being abroad. The group started work out at 7 a.m. and held each other accountable for making it to those, sometimes dreadful, workouts.


Deep Sleep:

Sleep soundly for at least seven hours and if you are a night learner adjust sometime in the day to complete the sleeping hours, otherwise you will get exhausted ,don’t forget to switch off the cell phone and other devices when you plan to take a nap.

Mental or Emotional Self Care:

Once your physical health adapts the new environment, it’s time to think about your mental fitness. Home-sickness will make many students stressed in the foreign destination, to get out of this trauma, find something that makes you happy.

An international student from Thailand has reported her amazing experiences of adventures, hiking a mountain, going through a rainforest and experiencing the rainbows on a beach. She has discovered the meaning of pure happiness when she ran in the rain across a beach with her new best friends

Hunt Friends:

Make friends, whenever you find someone sincere and caring try to develop amiable attitude with them .They might seem  strange  and their language is also unfamiliar but try to make good relationship with them because the native people will help you a lot whenever you are stuck into any trouble.

A Costa Rica student, who is studying abroad in Spain, has reported ¨Socially, the students seem to be more open to meeting people, they are willing to talk to someone and not be afraid of the social risk. I also think that they are a little more in tune to world events because of the travel experience. Students are often ¨able to see from a point of view that they couldn’t see from before.


Red Alert!

Remain vigilant .This is very necessary as living in a foreign country demands some extra security therefore never go to any place which is not familiar and make friends with people whom you know well .Report to your concern authorities or nearest police station if you find anything mysterious or have observed some criminal activities.

Entertain Yourself:

Visit health clubs, theatres and indulge yourself in every positive outdoor or indoor activity for a set time. Do not over entertain yourself so that your academic or studying time is compromise.


Find your country’s fellows:

Find out other students from your country and hangout with them enjoy your own festival s in the foreign destination

Never get involved in any violent and unwanted activities that can ruin your reputation abroad.




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