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How Will Be Your First Day Experience of Studying Abroad? Here are the Things You Should Do

If you dream about studying abroad then you must have imagined how your first day would be studying abroad far away from your home. First day of everything is always a very exciting and difficult day. When you will go abroad to study then your first day will be the most exciting and difficult day of your life. After all you are in a strange totally new place and you don’t know much people. I decided why not tell my readers how this experience will be and what things you should do prior hand be prepared for things.
You go through a lot of feeling during this time of your life. Few days before leaving your home, you will be excited and happy as you have never been. Then there will come a time and it will suddenly hit you that you are going far away from your family, friends and house and won’t be seeing them for a while. There you might even try to cancel your plan of going abroad. But seriously, you will have to be strong there and satisfy yourself with excuses. When you will be leaving home then you will be most sad and once the journey has started, after the few hours, this idea will again hit you that you are going abroad to live new life in a style and you are about fulfill your wish. Once you have landed then here are the things you should do and be prepared for.
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Have Somebody Waiting For You:
Landing in a totally strange country, about which you don’t know anything can be quite tough. It is always better to have a roadmap planned in advance. You should get somebody at the airport waiting for you who already know that place and will be your guide. In that new place, you don’t know how people will be, where will you get the things you require and not to get conned. When someone is already waiting for you at the airport it will free you from the most of the worries and difficulties you might have to face. He will simply meet you and get you to your destination while you are tired of the long journey. Otherwise, in a tired condition, you will have to be superman to take on worries.

Exchange Your Currency:
Your native currency don’t work everywhere in the world, I hope you must be aware of that. But you will need money to use to survive your life in a foreign country. So what people do is depend on their credit or debit cards that in my opinion would be good for later but won’t do you any good right after you have landed. You will need to pay the taxi driver or if you got hungry and need a snack, you will need money. Have your native currency exchanged into the currency of your destination country.
You may exchange it while you are in your country or you can land to the country find a center to exchange your money, it depends on you. However, being prepared in advance while you are in your country will take off your tensions. One thing you must know is that money exchange centers you will find at the airport are a total rip off. They will charge a lot more of commission than usual. On the first day of your study abroad, you should be careful spending money because in few days you will realize how short you are on cash no matter how much you had with you.

You Won’t Sleep:
It is not like you can’t sleep, you will sleepy actually more than just sleepy because of the weariness from the long journey you had. But the problem is you must not sleep. Why you ask? It is because of the difference in time zone. You are used to timings of your own country. It is possible that when the clock hits 11 pm in your, time will be 4 pm in your country. So when you will land, at the time of about 4pm you will be really drowsy.
If you sleep now, you will spend your whole night wide awake, bored and most probably hungry on top of that normal people don’t dare go out at mid night especially when it is your first day there and you don’t know anyone. So unless you want to mugged or murdered at night looking for food, you better don’t sleep until it is night at your destination country. To spend your time till night, I recommend you call your family and talk to your mom and dad and friends. This way you will not only be able to keep yourself up till night but also feel more comfortable and happy after talking to your loved ones.

Keep Your Room Door Open:
Once you are over your weariness, settled in your room and feeling fresh; what you should do is keep the door of your room open. This way everyone who lives in your university hostel dorm will be able to see passing from there. It means that you are welcoming anyone and open for chat. Though what most people do is just settle in, call their family and friends and talk to them for hours, crying and feeling that they miss them. But instead being a cry baby you should understand that it is new and limited time adventure for you. So you should let the door be open to new people and opportunities. Your old friends and family are not going anywhere and you should make your time here more adventurous and full of memories.
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Discover Your University:
That is the thing that every international student will most probably must do. Once you are totally settled in, make some new friends and take a tour of your university campus with them. This way you will be able to enjoy your time discovering university without any worry of lectures. So next time when you will go for lectures, you will already be prepared for everything and feel more comfortable. See all your classes, try to meet university officials and teachers if possible in a nice gratitude manner. Discover the places you are going to hang out at and collect as much information as you can about university including if there will be any ragging and if there is how you can avoid it.







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