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Impact of Covid-19 on International students

The impact of covid-19 on foreign education is being greatly experienced in the whole world as students from Pakistan and India who are enrolled in foreign universities and international students around the world are struggling with recent ongoing international student restrictions regarding Covid and are battling Covid-19 impact to students on an ongoing basis and are struggling to cope with new rules, restrictions, new rules regarding online, rules regarding student working hours, study deadlines, closed international borders, lockdowns and the new emerging Delta virus variant worldwide.

The impact of covid-19 on students in uk along with International student’s studying in different universities worldwide have greatly been affected greatly as some have been target for racism, suffered mental breakdown or have been forced to leave the country.


According to recent survey published in July 2021 approximately 1.5 million students and approx. 630 million school teachers were are affected by the coronavirus pandemic disrupting education worldwide


Impact of Covid-19 on International student admission 

admission details during covid period


Impact of Covid 19 on foreign education has greatly affected international students residing in foreign Universities from South Asia region including China, Pakistan and India. Impact of Covid 19 on universities is growing as international students are greatly affected as International education institutes impose travelling restrictions.

According to a survey published in the month of April 2020 concerning International students studying in the UK approx. 29% Indian and 35% Pakistani student reported that they were somewhat likely to defer or cancel their education plans.


International students struggles during covid

The impact of covid 19 on overseas education is greatly felt as International students studying worldwide are facing chronic stress along with mental health challenges as students from South Asia regions including India and Pakistan are more concerned about their visa and graduation status.

Impact of covid-19 on universities is greatly felt as International students are facing new conditions everyday being far from their home, far from their loved one and not having any support network are major factors affecting their education and personal growth.

Covid 19 impact to students is greatly being felt as major Universities and educational institutions worldwide are enforcing and placing covid-19 restrictions, imposing lockdown and closing international borders.

Many international students are also facing difficult financial situation as they are facing increasing uncertain environment and experiencing sense of increasing isolation which is deteriorating the mental health of students enrolled in international universities and schools.

Many international students consider online learning as challenging as many social cues being harder to view onscreen resulting in increased stress.


International Students mental health issues

Impact of Covid 19 on International students including Indian and Pakistan students are going through increased stress, frustration and facing high anxiety as they show concerns regarding being unable to complete their graduation program on time.

Most international students cannot get priority access or services to counseling services form their home country after coming back from foreign countries. International students are facing dilemma as their study visas are expiring and they are unable to finish their University degree or diploma on time 

Many foreign Universities are being advised by the EU commission to provide covid student relief to foreign students by giving international students extra time to finish studies, increase student project deadline allowing them to finish their degrees and courses within certain timeline and to increase quantity working hours for international students.




International students are attractive potential future workforce and represent significant driver of cultural exchange. International universities should try to intergrade their foreign students into society so that they may contribute towards into being an attractive foreign workforce.


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