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Is Summer 2021 Going To Be Any Different To That Of Summer 2020

The summer season is best known for tourism activities. Throughout the world, almost all tourist destinations face the peak time of tourism in the summer season. However, the spring season is comparatively low season and in winter tourism activities are halted to a large extent. During summer 2020 the tourism activities were completely halted because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all the industries were temporarily paralyzed and the industry that affected a lot was the tourism industry. The idea of this thing we can take from the facts that the tourists and the revenue generated by tourism were drastically decreased by the countries that are well-known for their tourism.

For example. New York is considered one of the best tourist spots where millions of visitors landed every year. In summer 2020 the rate of tourists decreased by 66% in New York. Similarly, it was calculated that the rate of tourists was decreased to 72% in Turkey which is another best tourist attraction where every year millions of tourists spend their vacations. Another example that we can mention is Thailand. Thailand also attracts millions of tourists every year. In 2019 the 39.92 tourists visited Thailand. However, the rate was dropped to only 6.7 million visitors in 2020. Similarly, there are many examples by which it is declared that summer 2020 was the harsh or cruel season for the tourism industry from across the world.   


What’s The Difference In Summer 2021  

It is expected that summer 2021 will be far better than that of summer 2020. We know that the Covid-19 still affecting the world. But, the hope based on which we are saying that summer 2021 will be the happier season is the Covid-19 vaccines. Most of the countries had started the campaign to inject the Covid-19 vaccines into the inhabitants. In the United States of America 213 million vaccine doses have been given now. Similarly, 195 million doses have been injected in China, 127 million doses have been used by India, 43.5 million doses have been used in the UK, and 1.3 million doses have been injected in Pakistan. Almost all other countries got access to the covid-19 vaccines and on the daily basis, the process of vaccinations is being done throughout the world.

Moreover, some travel companies are showing positive states in booking the tours. For example, Squaremouth study shows that in 2021 48% of insured trips have been booked in the USA. Similarly, from some other sources, it comes to see that the trend of tourism is coming to its norm.  


World’s Tourism Trend In 2021

The world’s best tourist destinations including the USA, Spain, China, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Germany, Mexico, and United Kingdom, etc. earn a lot through tourism industries. Almost all these destinations and some others are trying their best to restore the tourism activities to maintain their country’s revenue. We are hoping that things will be normalized soon but this all will become possible because of proper precautions and strategies against the Covid-19 pandemic.


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