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Learning a language is an art and skill.  Most of the people are proficient in speaking two or three languages but they have not gone into depth of them. Mastering a language completely will be extremely beneficial for everyone.  Mandarin (Chinese), English, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi are the largest languages of the world in terms of speakers, some of the advantages of learning a second language are:

1. It enhances linguistic skills of anyone. There are more chances of doing research and getting more knowledge.

2. It increases chances of getting more jobs.

3. We can communicate easily with the other people who are the native speakers of that language.

I have made a list of the best schools which offers courses in languages of the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Studies and Languages

Massachusetts Institute of Technology popular known as MIT is ranked as the best school for getting education of various languages. It is situated in Cambridge which is an educational city in the American state of Massachusetts. It has evolved as the University for Information Technology however it has established an exceptional center which is called MIT Global Studies and Languages Department. It offers countless programs in the global languages. There are also many news and events held related to them

Stanford Languages Center

Stanford University is higher education learning and teaching center located in Stanford, California. It has largest campus in United States of America. Many schools are operating under it.  It has produced many of the global business leaders who are inventors of multinational companies all over the world. The department which deals with providing knowledge to the linguistic skills is called Languages Center.  It is also larger section of the university. It provides studies of languages at all of the academic levels. There are job opportunities available there. 

Harvard Arts and Humanities Divisions

Harvard University is recognized as a global learning hub for all of the international population. Languages Section is included in Arts and Humanities Divisions which is an enormous section of the University. It has numerous teaching bases. Harvard is a great place for getting professional trained.

Cambridge University Language Centre

Cambridge University is one of the oldest universities in the world. It is a major destination for international students all over the world. Learners from different disciplines come to this University for satisfying thirst of higher global education. There are also scholarships available for the brilliant students.                               

Caltech Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences

California Institute Technology is a prestigious institution located in US state of California. It is also another famous university which was basically developed for teaching of computing and information technology. All of the education relating to arts is given under Humanities and Social Sciences Division. In addition to the learning of the languages, it also offer other courses in multiple categories of arts' subjects.


We conclude that above mentioned schools are the scholarly places for best knowledge of languages. 

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