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List Of Documents Required For Applying In US Universities

Want to apply for a study program in the USA?

Don’t know which documents have to be attach and which are not?

Be careful while attaching your documents for application as these documents impact on your professional future. Be alert from fraud consultants and about attachment of financial documents as that should not have any error.

Overview Of Documents Required For Undergraduate And Master’s Programs

The detail of all required documents for undergraduate and Master’s study programs is described below. Here is a quick checklist

Documents Required For Masters In USA

Following of documents have to be submitted by the applicant applying for master’s program in US universities

  • Passport

  • CV

  • Educational transcripts

  • Marks sheets and certificates

  • Bachelors or equaling degree/ certificate

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Entrance exam scores GRE/ GMAT/ MCAT

  • English language proficiency test score

  • Statement of purpose

  • Experience letter if any

  • Admission confirmation copy

  • Essays

  • Bank/ financial statement

  • Research proposal/ Portfolio/ Project description

Documents Required For Undergraduate Study Programs In US Universities

  • Passport

  • CV

  • Marks sheet

  • High school diploma/ equivalent certificate

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Entrance exam scores SAT/ACT

  • English language proficiency certificates

  • Statement of purpose

  • Essays

  • Work experience letter if any

  • Bank statement/ proof of financial funds

Details Of Entrance Exam Scores

SAT: Almost all universities in the USA accept SAT especially for the undergraduate programs

ACT: It is also an important exam while you are planning to study undergraduate program in USA

GRE: It is an compulsory test for admission to business schools in the USA

MCAT: This test is taken by students who wish to start their medical studies in USA

LSAT: This test is required for the students who want to get admission in Law department of US universities

Important Note About Bank Statement

Universities need this information to access your affordability to education and eligibility for scholarships. Copy of attested bank statement is needed for admission in US universities.
Do not send a loan letter along with bank statement. Universities have no need to know if you are applying for education loan.

How Many Number Of Copies Need To Send For US University Admission?

A student needs only two copies of each transcript for one university. Each of them should be attested from the concerned institution itself.

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