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Make Sure You Know These 7 Things Before Going to Study In Ireland


Studying Abroad is a dream of every student. But thinking of it and doing preparations accordingly is an all together a different task. There are a number of questions that must be troubling your mind about how could I prepare myself to adjust in the new environment of Ireland. Answers to your questions lies in this article in which I am going to discuss 8 things that you must consider before going to Ireland for study. These are the 8 main following things that you should consider before flying to Ireland for higher studies.

1.     Learn About History Of Ireland.

2.    Ireland is Place of Magic and Mystery.

3.    Make Sure to Pack a Camera, Because Ireland is a Place of Wonder.

4.    Ireland is a Place of Great Music and People are Fond of Dancing and Gigs.

5.    Make sure that you enjoy while your stay in Ireland and own it by yourself

6.    Irish Peoples love of potatoes

7.    Be Flexible and Adjusting in Ireland


As of now you people must be mad at me for wasting your time on listing these things because you think that these things are not of much worth but let me tell you these things are not the typical “Things to know before going to Ireland” THEN WHY I HAVE DONE THIS? WAIT A SECOND don’t be in a hurry to judge me I am not going to talk about basic facts about Ireland. Instead I am going to talk about the Insider’s information, what sort of life there is in Ireland.


7 -   Learn About History Of Ireland

When I say learn the history of Ireland I didn’t mean go find history text books and study its actual history. What I meant by it is get a basic know how of their traditions, culture, values and norms. It’s always a good move to know the cultural traditions of country where you are going for the first time.


6 -   Ireland is Place of Magic and Mystery

You must be wondering that am I out of mind writing this heading? To your disappointment no I am not… Ireland has countless, very real, stellar sites on the Emerald Isle. Make sure to read great Irish tales of Ghosts and fairies. What is the purpose of it? This guy definitely has lost his mind… put breaks on your judgment every bit of it is true you’ll hear these while on trips and tours… Research away, my friends!


5 -   Make Sure to Pack a Camera, Because Ireland is a Place of Wonder

This point is a very short and sweet one Ireland is a place of great natural places so it is highly advised to have a camera in your luggage to capture the beauty of Ireland. Take pictures and add them to your foreign adventure and don’t forget to share it with your friends.


4 -   Ireland is a Place of Great Music and People are Fond of Dancing and Gigs

I strongly recommend you to make a list of the countless places in Ireland having traditional Irish music. Its traditional music is full of emotions and it can turn you around so listen to that and listen carefully and let the music tell you all about the cultural traditions of Ireland. So what’s next? Pick a sport, choose a team, paint your face and chant till your voice sounds like Gollum’s from the Lord of Rings!


3 -   Make sure that you enjoy while your stay in Ireland and own it by yourself

What I really mean here is make this experience count. Say yes to everything. Try new things. Be open to all. Consider yourself lucky to have this incredible opportunity and make the most of it. Don’t take it for granted man. Do all this and Ireland will be each and everything you ever want. Oh I almost forgot to mention don’t skip classes too often.


2 -   Irish Love Potatoes

Well this isn’t hidden from anyone who knows even a little bit about Ireland that people of Ireland absolutely love potatoes. Make anything containing potatoes and you are their best friend.


1 -   Be Flexible to Adjusting in Ireland

I am sure that you all are aware of Ireland’s ever changing and Unpredictable weather so be prepared for this amazing weather changes and also be flexible and adapting. Same goes for your plans also whether you are travelling, or studying will also inevitably change as quickly as the weather changes.

At the end I would say Ireland will help you take your plantings down a notch and relax more. It will be an unforgettable experience of your life make sure to own it as much as you can.


On a lighter note read the 5 points I have written below:

1.     Make sure to change the currency as in Ireland Euros are the main currency.

2.    Weather in Ireland is too unpredictable there is too much of rain going around don’t forget to bring an umbrella.

3.    Ireland has a verity of seasons make sure to do research and pack accordingly.

4.    Make sure to make a Skype account to be in touch with friends and family.

5.    Make sure that you have done proper preparation of your medical and financial needs.




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