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Most Expensive and Prestigious Universities of the world for Students

International students who wish to study abroad want to stay updated regarding the latest tuition fees of world universities but they also want information regarding the most expensive university in the world 2021


  1. Oxford University, UK

One of the oldest and best universities of the world among all while still producing the best world leaders of the world. Oxford University sets the standards and has a reputation for maintain international standards and having some of the best faculty among the world while being most expensive university in the world. Oxford University has provided great leaders among the world. Oxford University ranks at 2nd place among Top Universities in the world according to QS World University 2022 ranking.


Oxford University Fees per year

  • $ 87,055.29 


  1. University of Colombia, USA

University of Colombia of the oldest and also being one of most expensive University in the world 2021, established during the year 1754. The university has very high standards of accepting only 6% students while ranking 3rd among National Universities in the USA. The University currently has 33,413 students enrolled.


Tuition Fees per year

  • $77,376


  1. John Hopkins University, USA

One is one of the best university of USA as it ranks at 25th among the QS World University ranking 2022. The university focuses on research and development as it was known as first American Research University.


Tuition Fees per year

  • $ 64,000


  1. Landmark College, USA

Landmark college differs itself from the rest of the world by focusing on providing quality education targeted towards students with learning disabilities, learning difficulties or special needs. Landmark College provides bachelors and associate degree courses including computer science, psychology, studio art, liberal studies, life sciences and business studies.


Tuition Fees per year

  • $ 61,490


  1. Harvey Mud University, USA

Harvey Mudd College being established during the year 1955, is of the best liberal art colleges among US educational institutes. The college ranks at 15th best in liberal arts and provides study courses ranging from engineering, mathematics, technology, art, social science and humanities.


Tuition Fees per year

  • $ 60,402


  1. University of Chicago, USA

The University of Chicago being founded in the 1890, is established name among the world. The University has produced the largest number of Nobel Prize winners. The University provides lots of community jobs and is one of Chicago’s city largest employers having 16,000 staff members.


Tuition Fees per year

  • $ 59,256


  1. Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College being established during 1769, is one of America’s oldest. The College has numerous academic departments and offers various undergraduate and graduate study programs including special dual degree study courses ranging from social sciences, engineering, natural sciences and humanities.


Tuition Fees per year

  • $58,953


  1. Trinity College, USA

Trinity College being one of Connecticut oldest colleges. The college currently has enrolled 2198 students enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate programs.


Tuition Fees per year

  • $ 58,610


  1. Caltech University, USA


Caltech Institute of Technology being established during the year 1891, is well known for its focus on engineering and science technology being one of the smaller technological institutes. Caltech is famous for its association with 71 Nobel Prize winner alumni.


Tuition Fees per year

  • $ 56,364


  1. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), USA

Being one of the best US universities started operation in 1890.MIT being best universities of the world ranks at number 1 among QS World University ranking 2022 and is famous for technology degrees, being most selective among the US and for producing 100 plus Nobel Prize winner graduates.


Tuition Fees per year

  • ·$ 55,510  


  1. New York University, USA

New York University is one of the oldest universities in the US. The college being one of best multinational institutes opening worldwide campuses across Asia, Middle East and Europe while focusing on accepting students on merit of their academic abilities.

Tuition Fees per year

  • $ 52,820


  1. Harvard University, USA

This University is among the best universities of the world ranking at 5th place in QS world ranking 2022. Harvard University is known to have the most number of Nobel Prize winner 161 than any university of the world.


Tuition Fees per year

  • $ 51,904

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