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Most Funny and Weird Scholarships offered Abroad Volume 2

1 -   Twin/Triplet Dorm Room Waiver
Are you and your sibling twin or by any chance Triplet? If so, here is a jolly news for you. The Twin/Triplet Dorm Room Waiver is a scholarship scheme for regular students who are studying full time at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.
Only merit is that you must be a twin or triplet and all must attend NEO to be eligible for this award. You may choose different degree programs, it won’t matter but have to be in same university. It is like you are born with a free scholarship.

2 -   Morgan/O’Neill Underwater Photography Grant
This weird scholarship looks for the females with an average IQ of 80 or less since they want girls who like to be underwater performing model. The Morgan/O’Neill Underwater Photography Grant is open if you are interested for development in the field of underwater photography.
You must be a certified diver in order to qualify for this award. Obviously you will be needed to pose for pictures underwater. It for students from freshmen to graduate and grant amount is $2,000.

3 -   Bright Futures Florida Lottery Scholarship Program
We all already know what a lottery is, this scholarship merit is mostly based on lottery and then comes luck. This program funds three different scholarships for Florida students who perform remarkably in their high school that is intermediate in Pakistan.
After receiving all applications they put all their on a pool and randomly select one. The one who wins get this scholarship.

4 -   Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship
Living in Pakistan, it is difficult to find a Vegetarian (who don’t eat meat), but if you could, for some time, manage to become a Vegetarian you pass the merit for this scholarship of one $10,000 and two of $5,000.
The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors. You must have been active in promoting vegetarianism in your school or community and have demonstrated compassion and a strong commitment to promoting a peaceful world through a vegetarian lifestyle for this grant.
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5 -   Mystery Writers of America Scholarship for Mystery Writing
Here is a scholarship scheme for those of you who think they might have the skills of a writer in English language. If you have this skill, it can be quite fun to write stories, fictions, plays and screenwriting. If you can somehow develop this skill you are eligible for this scholarship called Mystery Writers of America (MWA) Scholarship.
Moreover to the application, you must submit a printed copy of official description of program by your institution, a writing sample, two letters of recommendation, and a short essay on your interest in mystery writing. The grant 2 awards of $500 annually to students from freshmen to graduate.

6 -   Little People of America Scholarship
In our previous article of Most Funny and Weird Scholarships Volume 1, we discussed a particular scholarship for tall people. This time, it’s another scholarship specifically for short people.
Little People of America is scholarship scheme that offers scholarship for their organization members. The group provides needed support to boys and girls who are 4’10” or shorter in height, and to their families. Value of their grant varies with time and need. You can get more information on their website

7 -    Rolex Diving Scholarship
Rolex Diving Scholarship is specifically for the divers/swimmers. They grant a $25,000 scholarship to grad students between the age 21 and 26 years.
All applicants required to have dived at least 25 times in the last two years, prove it and must be certified Rescue Diver.
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8 -   Willy the Plumber’s Weird Scholarship
These weird scholarships are intended to benefit children of inmates. If your mother or father usually are imprisoned or they are in jail for a long period of time, you qualify for this scholarship.
The awards are $1,000 for a child attending college and $500 if you attend a technical school. Get more information at their website. So, you feeling like framing your father?

9 -   Alice McArver Ratchford Scholarship for What You Don’t Do
Most scholarships are meant for the needy who don’t have the financial capability of affording their own education. To prove that you really are needy not greedy, you are required to submit specific documents and proves.
This Alice McArver Ratchford Scholarship scheme took this verification a little too far and have put some weird conditions for it.
It is open to only female students at the University of North Carolina. You must live on campus and have never been married. You must also not have a car and have received no other scholarships to be eligible for this award.

10 -   Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest
The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest is for inter pass students who are very talented in Duck Calling. What is Duck calling?
“Duck call is a sound hunters make from an instrument or their voice to lure the waterfowls (a kind of duck) so they can shoot and them. In some areas of USA, it is considered a talent. Voice is made in different frequencies and rhythm to deceit those ducks.”
You must participate in a duck calling contest, to be considered for this award. The one that performs better, who can make better sounds, wins.

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