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Myths and Facts about Studying Abroad in USA


We all have our own image of a foreign country in our minds. When it comes to USA, we have some impressions set on our minds. We just believe what we hear or see. And most of our knowledge about America only comes from media like news channels and movies we watch. Those tiny bits of information we get from these sources, creates a whole image in our minds.

I have researched about some common thoughts, we have in mind about USA but are wrong. Following I have written some these false notions and the truth about them.


USA Degrees have More Value



Talk about an International University’s degree and we habitually assume it is better than any Pakistani degree. And when it comes to America, we think that every American university is the best in the world and it is worth everything.

There is no doubt that America bores the best universities in the world along with United Kingdom. But not every American university is necessarily top ranking. There is a total of about 4100 universities in America. You cannot just assume that all of these universities provide better education than Pakistan.

Pakistan’s top university NUST ranks in 400s in the world. This proves that our NUST is better than at least 4000 American universities. Not every University in America is Harvard or MIT. If you get admission in an American university be sure to completely research about it and be sure if moving to America for that university is worth or not.


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First Admission Priority is Merit



Yeah because it’s The Great America, everything they do must be right. Or is it? First of all America is not the greatest country, I prefer Pakistan, and secondly America is also a country with humans. They also first seek their own benefit and then decide.

You have been told that you only get admission based on your Merit in an American university specially the top ones. You have to be Genius to get admission there. Do you really think that American born are smarter than us? It depends on the personal not country! But most Americans get admission in these top universities and it is difficult for us international students.

Their first priority is actually the Elite class of the world. Elites provide university with immense amount of funds legitimately or illegitimately. So, most people who can fill their accounts are first priority and the rest is left for other Americans and International students. They have to take in International students in order to maintain their status as international universities. 


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Muslims are not Welcome



Not that there are not any Racist in America or anything. But the notion that all Muslims are misbehaved and treated poorly, is wrong. There is a great number of Muslims living in America from all around the globe. They are still living there. University is an educational institute mostly filled with educated people.

America is a culturally diverse country, people from all cultures and societies live there and make America what it is. After 9/11 incident there were some cases but it was temporary. According an American college online portal, they enjoy the cultural diversity, openness and acceptance. They want Muslim students to study in USA and uproot this false impression.

Once you have settled there and made friends, life will become very easy for you. However, I suggest you reconsider America if Donald Trump came into rule. That one guy is a true pure form of Racism and Bigotry.


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They do More Partying than Study



Most students, when think of American University life, they get images of awesome parties in their minds. We think like American student life is party life. And most what they do is partying rather studying. That is probably because we get this kind of knowledge from movies.

American universities give more assignments and quiz than any other. In most UK universities, they focus more in class and don’t give assignments. But, in contrast, American professors make sure that you live a miserable life. When you come home from your class, you will have tons of work waiting for you. And this is how your weekends go.

But, don’t be saddened. You know the fraternities and houses in American universities, They throw parties and yes one hell of a party every now and then. If you are going to America for studies, you will attend a number of these parties but Study is always on first priority. You will get to go there when you will have your studies done.


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We have no life outside the class and university


International students think they will have nothing to do after lecture. They will just come back their room, study and sleep, just like a dork in the picture. That is just not true. If you are going abroad for study, you are most probably an adult. A young can find his joy even in the worst of condition. And this time you are talking about a foreign country. You will be studying in university. University life something most people just crave for.

When you are abroad, in start you might not have much friends. But, with the passage of time. You will become a part of a social group. Fun thing is your social group will comprise students of different cultures and countries. How cool is that?

America is a country, a very big country. After university you can go out and enjoy their culture and discover places like a tourist. There are humans, there is food and there must be some places worth seeing and the place where you will enjoy the most. A place where you will gather with your friends, have drinks (Non-Alcoholic, of course), food and fun.


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University Dormitories are not Private and Secure


We have this impression of all hostel and in-campus dorms of all universities. We think there will not be any privacy and security in hostel. You may have seen some cases like that in Pakistan though rarely. But this is not the case in America.

When you will enter your campus, you will be stunned by the security 24/7 available there. Student dormitories (hostel rooms) are specially designed to facilitate students and they only cost like one-third of rent you will have to pay to an Off-campus residence.



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They take this privacy and security issue very seriously. If you have any problem with roommate. This is what you should worried about. You should change your room immediately. Because he will be with you in that room all the time, he will be the one sharing your privacy.



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However, most students find their life time best friends there. The guy/gal you will be living with is most probably going to be the person, you will have life lasting friendship with. These are the people who will actually support you in all your thick and thin.



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