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Norway- An Attractive Study Destination

Norway has become an attractive study destination for the students for many different reasons. One most important reason is that Norway offers unique experience to the students for studying in the Norwegian institutions. They accept applications from all over the world. The colleges and universities in Norway facilitate international students no matter from which country they come from. Currently almost 15000 international students are studying in the colleges and universities in Norway. There is a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in which the students can be enrolled.  There are many opportunities for the international students in Norway to fulfill their ambitions. The environment of the institutes is also very informal. The students can easily approach the teachers and the tuition is given in small groups. Many universities and colleges offer free internet facilities.

In winter and summer there are lot of outdoor activities that students can enjoy while studying. Students can enjoy fresh air, lots of space and clean water. They can challenge there selves with skating, and can enjoy (“Northern lights”). In Norway students will never miss any nature experience during their studies.  

The majority of universities and colleges in Norway are publicly funded and these universities and colleges do not charge fees. This rule also applies on students from other countries. But international students have to worry about expenses that they have to bear while living and studying there because Norway is most expensive country. And it’s not easy to cover living expenses during studies so students should have enough finance so that they can easily bear their living expenses.

In Norway students can get quality education in tuition free universities. There are many ways by which students can get scholarships, student loans, fellowship programmes for paying their expenses.  They can get funds from different ways for full degree or for few semesters.

Normally in Norway universities, the students do not have to pay tuition fees. They do not have to pay whether they are doing PhD, Masters or undergraduate studies. On the other hand a semester fee of NOK 300-600 for each semester students has to pay for some other expenses.

For taking exam, the students have to pay it full, but that fee will grants you several benefits in shape of on campus health services, access to sports facilities, counseling and cultural activities. Paying semester fee will also give benefits on other things like it will give you reduce fares on public transport, in cultural events students have to pay tickets in lower prices.

In private institutions students have to pay fees for any program or course they have taken. But fees are lower than comparable studies in other countries. International students do not have to pay high tuition fees than native students. Some universities and colleges have tuition fees for some specialized programmes. Usually you will find these programmes at Masters Level.

Knowing all these facts about study in Norway, it can be said that it is the ideal study destination


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