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One Lakh Pakistani Students Gets Free Laptop

Islamabad: Govt. of Pakistan on Monday contracted for the supply of 100,000 laptops for students in the Youth Program of the Prime Minister (PMYP).

Laila Khan, a member of the National Assembly and Advisor President PMYP, was guest of honor at a ceremony held at the secretariat of Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

Anwar Amjad, Director General of Information Technology, Higher Education Commission (HEC), and Le Zhang, Manager of International Projects, Haier Electrical Appliances Corp Ltd, signed the agreement. HAIER contract was awarded on a competitive basis of HEC in the major Laptop manufacturers involved.

This program aims to distribute laptops among brilliant young students enrolled in higher education institutions in the public sector in the entire country.

During 2013 to 2014, 100,000 laptops will be distributed among the students in accordance with certain criteria.

Speaking on the occasion, Laila Khan shared vision of PML-N government for youth development. He praised the HEC to effectively manage the selection process for the program of laptop. He stressed that it has ensured that the whole procedure of laptop distribution is transparent and that laptops will be distributed solely on merit.

Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, chairperson HEC, esteemed the plan of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for providing laptops to students. He said that veracious from the beginning Transparency International has been involved so that nobody has any doubt on fairness of the whole process.

The process has been completed by HEC in given time of 20 days.

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