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Opportunities For Veterinarians To Study Abroad 2022

A number of veterinarians are looking for corridor to start their veterinary career though by getting higher education from top ranked universities. There are several universities and educational institutes in the world that not only offer higher education and career opportunities for the veterinarians but also provide scholarship based masters and doctoral studies to them. Top universities for veterinary science in the World for veterinarians are described here

High Ranked Universities For Veterinary Science In USA And Canada   

USA and Canada are consist on most of top ranked veterinary universities. Almost world’s top twenty one universities are there in USA and Canada. Out of 21, total eighteen are USA based universities while remaining three are Canadian universities from which University of Guelph come across top 10 world’s ranked universities. USA also have four universities allocated as top 20 global universities.  Top ranked universities with its ranking number are here

  • Michigan University place in 11th number
  • University of Minnesota maintain its 13th number according to QS world’s ranking
  • University of Pennsylvania and Texas A&M University maintained its 18th and 20th position respectively.

European Top Ranked Universities

  • UK based top universities: Total seven veterinary institutes are there in UK, out of which three come across top 10 universities and other two universities University of Glasgow and University of Bristol maintained their 12th and 19th number respectively.
  • Netherland’s Universities including Wageningen University maintained its number in top 20 universities.
  • Spain and Germany titled as best performer in the veterinary science field, universities provide best opportunities for veterinarians include Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
  • Denmark: University of Copenhagen
  • Switzerland: Vetsuisse Faculty Bern and Zurich
  • Sweden: University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Ireland: University College Dublin
  • Italy: Università degli Studi di Milano

Top Veterinary Universities In Australia And New Zealand

Australia is considered the best country in terms of provision more opportunities for veterinarians throughout the world. List and ranking of universities of Australia is here

  • University of Sydney has ranking number persist in top 10
  • University of Melbourne with 17th position in top ranked University
  • University of Queensland with 33rd number in QS ranking
  • University of Adelaide maintained its 114th number.
  • New Zealand: Massey University with 29th rank.

Other Countries With Top Veterinarian Universities

Remained countries that described opportunities for veterinarians included Japan and South Africa with University of Tokyo and University of Pretoria sharing its place in top ranked universities for veterinarians.

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