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Should Students Take Computer Or Paper IELTS?

For the English language profile of students who want to pursue their education in UK, Canada, Australia and other English countries, IELTS test is an analytic exam. IELTS is not only a benchmark for taking admission but also to avail a scholarship in abroad countries like Australia, Canada, UK and others where teaching language is English.

Modules Of IELTS

There are four modules of IELTS

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Speaking

Types Of IELTS Test

Academic IELST: It is for students who want to take admission in English teaching universities

General IELTS: For those who want to go abroad for training purpose or as immigrant

Forms Of IELTS Test

Students can choose one of the way for their IELTS test, they can choose computer based or paper based IELTS test

Computer Based IELTS

Paper Based IELTS

Less chances of error

There are more chances of errors

That students can get desired dates in computer based test easily


A lot of people choose paper based test and the slot get filled quickly, so students face difficulty to appear in test on desire date


Results are provided within short period of time (5 days)

Results for paper based IELTS announced a little bit later, students have to wait for the results (13 days)

Students can choose computer based IELTS test and can get results pretty quickly.

Look at the individual sections in IELTS and compare them in both test formats

1. Reading

Computer Based IELTS

Paper Based IELTS

Students can look at the computer screen to check the remaining time
And timer flashes in red when 5 min are left

It helps the students to hurry and wind up the task

There is a clock on the wall given to students and every time students have to look at the time have to look up at the clock and calculate and memorize how much time you left

In reading section there are 3 passages that u have to solve, they are given on left side on screen and questions are on right side, you can look both at same time

Students have to look at the passage up on the page and have to fill the answers below on the sheet 

Students can highlight points in passage quickly and can make notes on passage

It consumes more time compare to computer based test

Students can change the choose answers within time

Once the student tick the answer he/she cannot change it later

It also have an option to copy and paste, in some answers the exact words can be copied from passage, it avoids any unintentional error

No option of copy paste, lead to more chances of errors


2. Writing Section

In this section of IELTS everything depends upon typing and writing speed if students have better typing speed compare to writing, they must choose computer based IELTS.

Computer Based IELTS

Paper Based IELTS

Students don’t have to worry about word count because the word count is already given. 

Students have to count the words that they have written so they have to adhere to the word limit.

After proof reading of essays, students can change the mistakes easily.

Time consuming as it takes time to write again after erasing.


3. Listening

In this section students get headphone to listen the audio track carefully and answer various type of questions based on audio. The form at remains the same for both the test forms.

Computer Based IELTS

Paper Based IELTS

Students get overall of 30 minutes because students just have to mark answers on computer while listening to the audios

Students get 30 minutes to listen audio and write answers on question paper and 10 minutes more to transfer those answers on to the answer sheet

4. Speaking

It remains the same, there is absolutely no difference whether you go for computer based or paper based test. Students have to face the examiner for one-on-one interview.

This is all about the difference in computer and paper based test and the best option for students is to take computer based IELTS. If you have more queries you can contact to team

Note: Students must practice before taking the computer based real test, they can take the practice test online. 

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