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Student Loan In Pakistan For Abroad Study

Pakistan is amongst the top countries from where a large number of students go abroad for their education every year. There are almost 60,000 Pakistani students getting their education from foreign universities for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. Cost of study in foreign universities is of great concern. Though the great option for students is to get scholarships for study abroad, but most of the students do not qualify for the terms and conditions of the scholarships which leave education loan an easier way to pursue their studies. Different organizations in Pakistan offering loan options for Pakistani students who want to fulfill their dreams about higher education from world’s best universities. Let’s have a look at the organizations available study abroad loans for Pakistani students.

  • National bank of Pakistan

  • Ihsan Trust

  • Akhuwat Foundation

  • MPower Financing

  • Alkhidmat Foundation

Loan Scheme By National Bank Of Pakistan

NBP is providing study abroad loan to a number of Pakistani students in collaboration with other private banks like HBL, ABL, and MCB. NBP has different criteria for selection of students for different study programs. Students must have an excellent educational record.

Who Are Eligible For NBP Loan Scheme?

  • Students want to submit application for undergraduate program, age must be 21 years

  • For masters programs age limit is 31 years

  • Student’s age applying for PhD should not be more than 36 years

Academic Disciplines For NBP Study Loan

Students who are going to pursue their education in one of the following disciplines

  • Engineering

  • Electronics

  • Chemical Technology

  • Agriculture

  • Medicine

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Natural Sciences

  • Computer sciences

  • Islamic Studies

  • Business Studies

  • Mathematics

Ihsan Trust Students Loan Policy

Ihsan trust is a nonprofit organization providing loan for education to Pakistani students with the aim to make poor students financially stable enough to cover their studies expenses. It is providing relief to low income families to afford their educational expenses.

Objectives Of Ihsan Trust

The main objectives of Ihsan trust organization are

  • Loan for education

  • Skill development

  • Rural development

  • Health and Hygiene

  • Educational development

Akhuwat Foundation Loan Scheme

Akhuwat foundation has a great emphasis and focus on the education and this foundation provides a interest free loan to Pakistani students for study abroad. Akhuwat foundation provide education loan to those students who performed excellently while getting their previous education.

Main Aim Of Akhuwat foundation

The main aim of Akhuwat foundation is

  • The provision of education and skills development to Pakistani students so that they become enable to drill out themselves from poverty

  • Ensure their financial independence

  • Loan funds cover the tuition fee, uniform, books and class room materials cost of selected student

  • Maximum amount of loan provided by the Akhuwat foundation is 250 £

MPower Financing For Education  

MPower is an international organization that provides education loan to those students who are enrolled in US College/ University.

Services Provided By MPower Financing

  • This organization provides loan to international students without US credit history

  • Provides flexible funding options ranging from $2001 to 100,000$

  • Funding loan services are for more than 190 countries including Pakistan

  • Provides free visa support and career counselling

Al Khidmat Foundation

Al Khidmat Foundation offers a number of scholarships and loan opportunities for Pakistani students for educational purpose. Loan scheme provided by Al Khidmat foundation is totally merit based, and loan funds are handed over without any interest to students who have excellent educational record.

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