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Study Abroad in Norway, Thinking of it? Read Pros or Cons Before

Study Abroad in Norway, Thinking of it? Read Pros or Cons Before

Study in Norway

Norway is one of the most important countries of the world. It is ranked as the best country in terms of social security. It is a specific country which provides free education to the students. Norway is located in the north of Europe. Stronger economy of the country provides welfare for everyone. Norwegian is the common language of the native however English is also spoken there.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad in Norway. Let us have a look on them.  

Pros and Cons


Education is Free in Norway Relieves Some Tension of Students

Education is the responsibility of the state. There are many public and private universities and colleges established there. English medium programs are also taught over there. International students can take admission in them. Fees of the private educational institution are not extremely higher. They are just 1000 Krone.

Luckily, Norway is among countries with highest standard of Living

Students will be amazed to read and hear that Norway has highest human development rating against other countries. Many of the basic facilities are offered by the government. Salaries of the workers are extremely higher. Work hours are limited. Environment is also less polluted. Getting education in natural atmosphere is extremely beneficial for every international student.

Powerful Cultural Society

Norway has great cultural heritage sites. It is a historical country. It has remained an interesting country for various European kings who fought deadliest wars for conquering more land on Earth. There are numerous visitor attractions there like glaciers, fields, coastal areas and other recreational places.


Country of Freezing Lands

Unluckily, Norway is one of the colder countries in the world. International students have to keep this mind before coming year. Winter is more than summer. Higher temperatures in June and July are 20.4 and 21.5 while temperatures in January and February can be -7.

Difficult Routines for Students Due to Day and Night Issue

Norway is also land of midnight Sun. It remains visible there till the time of midnight. International students might face difficulties for sleeping and waking routines. Other aspects of life might remain disturbed.  

Lower Social Life

Despite state’s funding of all the basic civil rights, social life remains lower because of the extreme temperature. In winter, public does essential tasks for their daily routine. It becomes extremely difficult to go out at the time of snow falling. It is a common phenomenon. Roads are also icy. This whole scenario remains for 6 months long.


Study Abroad in Norway has both pro and cons. International students can choose it on the basis of their own willpower and determination.

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