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Top 5 Countries That Provide Easiest Permanent Residency After Studying

Every student wishes to study abroad only in a developed country where there are high standards of living and quality lifestyle so he/she can may settle there permanently after completing the education. If you want to stay in a country after completing your studies, you will have to apply for permanent residency otherwise you will only be allowed to stay for a short period depending on the country and after that your visa will expire.
A student chooses his study abroad destination where he can get permanent residency based on different factors. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live a life with better standards and environment. Depending on students’ views, they even select only country where they know they better chance of getting permanent residency or else they will be sent back to their country. A student chooses his study abroad destination by keeping following things in priority.

Priority Factors to Select Country for Permanent Residency:
·         If Permanent Residency is possible
·         Job Opportunities
·         Ranking of the university
·         Native language of the country
·         Education Cost
·         Cost of Living
·         Population and Environment of the city
·         Course of student’s interest
·         How are extracurricular activities of the country
·         Political and Social problems i.e. unstable government and racism
Before completing the duration of studies, student has to apply for permanent residency by filling out a few forms with a proper long procedure and takes a lot of time. You just don’t get permanent residency because you don’t like your own country enough. You will have to prove that you will be of some benefit for this country too. You only get permanent residency based on strong valid reason. For that there are categories of permanent residency you can get and after you are given almost all rights that a native of that country has. Then you can stay as long as you want and leave the country as long as you want. Some of the countries’ permanent residency can be based on work skills and business etc. Following are the countries where you have more chances of getting a permanent visa than any other country.

Canada is a neighbor to United States of America and all its neighbors seem to be happier than most of the countries. Though people don’t know very much about Canada, you will be shocked to hear that Canada is actually larger than United States in area. It is currently thought to be one of the best places to live on Earth. Canada is an amazing nation with the most delightful individuals you can discover on planet Earth. It is a nation where you will discover the general population of all countries, color, race, religion and statement of faith. You can apply for Canadian permanent residency under one of six categories as following:
1.     Skilled Worker Class Immigration
2.    Business Class Immigration
3.    Provincial Nomination
4.    Family Class Immigration
5.    Quebec-Selected Immigration
6.    International Adoption

Australia has some of world’s class universities ranking in one of the best in the world. Their research programs and technologies are one of the best in the world. Australia is also one the best tourist attraction. It has a lot of beautiful places that just leave you speechless and make you don’t want to come back ever again. There are many, clean white and beaches and lakes. Many lakes there are literally pink. You can find from deep green forests to huge dry deserts there. Australia is a totally culturally diverse country. You will find people of all color, race, language and country there.
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In Australia, after completing your studies on student visa, you have a chance to apply for permanent residency. An Australian permanent resident is a non-citizen who holds a permanent visa. Permanent residents can live, work and study in Australia without restriction, and are given most of the rights and entitlements of Australian citizens. After your education you apply for GSM (General Skilled Migration). GSM approval is dependent on your score in the Points Test, which grants points according to your skills, performance and experience. There are also opportunities such as the Professional Year Program (PYP), which allows graduates to gain experience in an Australian workplace. Completing a PYP can help you to get permanent residency.

Blessed with unlimited natural beauty Malaysia is one of the best countries for tourism. Living in Malaysia is like every day visit of beautiful landscapes and rainforests which you can never get tired of. In addition to its front beauty, Malaysia has also worked hard on system as it has a stable government with laws and regulations where everyone is safe and with that they have one of the best higher education systems of the world.
A program called Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) was introduced because of the demand from people around the world who manifested their interest in migrating to Malaysia. Its eligibility is divided into two categories:
For individuals below 50 years:
1.     Liquid assets worth MYR 500,000.
2.    Monthly overseas income of MYR 10,000 or above
3.    Three months bank statement with balance of MYR 500,000 each month.
For individuals above 50 years:
1.     Liquid assets worth MYR 350,000.
2.    Monthly overseas income of MYR 10,000 or above
3.    Three months bank statement with balance of MYR 350,000 each month

New Zealand:
New Zealand wants to increase their education section by 25% and also wants to make its economy stronger. For this purpose they are inviting as many foreigners as possible. They have also relaxed permanent residency rules in 2015 making it easier to get its student visa and then also permanent residency. New Zealand education cost is also less compared to Australia.

Germany is a country that, despite being Non-English, has proved itself one of the best places for higher education. In order to attract international students, Germany started English-Taught programs. In English-Taught programs, courses are taught in English language by teachers in German universities. Germany is best ranked place for higher education among Non-English countries. It is currently the fifth most popular study abroad destination with the fifth biggest population of international students. Germany has a beautiful and unique culture. Every year many traditional events are celebrated that makes Germany more attractive and best for tourism. Many students choose Germany for education so they can enjoy its uniqueness and with that also learn a new language.
Germany is also one of the easiest countries to get permanent residency. Though it is not an English country but as you start studying there, you easily get complete hold of German language in the years of education. Students are pleasantly invited to put their expert knowledge and skills to good use in Germany. You can apply for an 18 month residence permit to look for a job that corresponds to your qualifications after you have completed your studies. When you get a job offer which corresponds to your qualifications then you can apply for a German residence permit. You will be guided about exact procedure by your local Foreign Nationals’ Registration office in Germany.

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