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Vocational Education And Training Courses Offered In Australia For Pakistani Students

International students are welcomed wholeheartedly in Australia from all over the world. Apart from the higher education offered by internationally recognized Australian universities. There are several vocational training courses in Australia for international students. Vocational Training Courses in Australia, also known as VET (Vocational Education and Training), refers to the professional educational system.

Importance Of Vocational Courses

In Australia, the practical application of your qualification is well-considered. Some advantages of VET courses in Australia are as follows

  • The vocational training courses focus on the practical application for international students of their desired occupation.

  • Vocational courses have been highly regarded as they prepare students to enter the professional market with the appropriate skills and preparation.

  • It is beneficial to kick-start your career in your desired occupation.

  • The vocational training courses are accredited by Australian educational institutions, such as TAFE (Technical and Further Education) and private institutes.

  • These vocational education and training programs work as initial steps towards permanent residency in Australia.

Here on this page, we have mentioned everything regarding Vocational training courses in Australia for our readers.

How To Select A Vocational Course In Australia

There is a wide range of vocational training courses for international students in Australia, and students can select the one best suited to them. These vocational courses are divided into different levels from level 1-6. For instance, upon completion of level 1, you will be able to get to level 2. Starting your vocational education and training from a certificate I, is not necessary as it depends upon your background knowledge and education.

Moreover, students are advised to check whether the vocational education and training program they look forward to is in demand in Australia.

Levels Of Vocational Education And Training Certificates

The vocational education and training courses for international students includes the following

  • Certificate I

  • Certificate II

  • Certificate III

  • Certificate IV

  • Diploma

  • Advanced Diploma

Certificate I

As depicted by the title, Certificate I is the basic certificate that include basic skills and knowledge in a specific industry field. Moreover, it will provide you with an initial introduction to your profession, the application of skills in the professional world, as well as knowledge regarding further stages of learning and development opportunities.

Certificate II

In addition to the basic skills and knowledge, Certificate II includes technical and procedural information. By taking the course, you will acquire fundamental cognitive and communication abilities as well as the capacity to assess situations and take decisive action in the workplace. Upon the completion of Certificate II of Vocational education and training, students will be eligible to identify and solve basic issues through right methodology.

Certificate III

Graduates of Certificate III-level VET training will possess a broad variety of theoretical, procedural, and technical knowledge, empowering them to successfully conduct standard professional duties. In order to be able to make reasonable decisions and take limited responsibilities, you will gain industry knowledge and communication skills by taking the Certificate III course.

Certificate IV

The final step before beginning a vocational diploma is the Certificate IV. Graduates of the Certificate IV level will possess considerable substantive and tech expertise and be qualified to carry out specialized work in a particular profession. You will possess a broad range of communicative, cognitive, and technical abilities after finishing Certificate IV-level VET training, enabling you to carry out standard tasks and solutions to implement at workplace. This is accepted by the Australian universities as equal to 6-12 months of bachelor’s degree.


You can pursue an industrial, business, or professional job after earning a vocational diploma. You will acquire specialized skills during the Vocational Diploma that you can use in a variety of organizational contexts. You will be eligible to independently evaluate and analyze material after earning your vocational diploma, and you will be able to solve complex situations using the knowledge and skills you have obtained. This diploma course considered as equal to 1 year of bachelor’s program.

Advanced Diploma

Your advanced diploma will give you advanced-level practical and theoretical skills in a variety of disciplines, including management, IT, engineering, accounting, and construction. These courses can be taken at the university in some circumstances. Graduates with an advanced diploma possess technical and extensive skills. They have the analytical skills necessary to comprehend, evaluate, and resolve difficult problems as well as impart knowledge to other team members. Advanced diploma accepted as equal to one year of bachelor’s degree at Australian universities.

Vocational Education And Training Courses In Different Fields

For international students studying in Australia, vocational training courses are extremely popular. As there are so many organizations offering so everyone can discover the ideal course for them. To facilitate students, we have divided vocational training courses in the following six categories.

Vocational Education And Training Courses In Health Department

  • Nursing

  • Public Health

  • Mental Health

  • Nutrition

  • Massage

  • Medicine

  • Veterinary

  • Dental

  • Aged Care

  • Childcare

  • Community

  • Social Services

VET Courses In Management

  • Business Management

  • International Business

  • Human Resources

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Agribusiness Management

  • Project Management

  • Leadership and Management

  • Banking

  • Marketing

  • Sustainability

Certificate And Diploma Courses In IT

  • Cyber ​​Security

  • Data Management

  • Block Chain

  • Machine Learning

  • Software Development

  • Website Development

  • IT general

  • Networking

  • Business Analysis

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cloud Computing

  • Game Programming

  • Telecommunication

VET Courses In Design and Media

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior Design

  • Fashion Design

  • Landscape

  • Acting

  • 3d & Animation

  • Music & Audio

  • Digital Media

  • Film & Media

VET Courses In Hospitality

  • International Hotel Management

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Events

  • Hospitality

  • Patisserie & Baking

  • Commercial Cookery

Certificate and Diploma Courses In Trades and Sports

  • Automotive

  • Building and Construction

  • Wall and Floor Tiling

  • Horticulture

  • Hairdressing

  • Carpentry

  • Beauty

  • Sports Development

  • Fitness

  • Yoga

  • Education

Duration Of Vocational Education And Training Courses

The Vocational Education and Training courses in Australia usually include mix classes of morning, evening, or at times during weekend. The usual duration of a Vocational education and training courses is between 6 to 18 months.

Fee For Vocational Education And Training Courses

The costs of vocational education and training courses vary depending upon the course you choose and the area of study. However, the usual vocational training course ranges from AU$4,000 to AU$22,000 per year.

Eligibility Criteria For Australian VET Courses

International students are required to meet the following basic criteria in order to be eligible for a Vocational education and training course.

  • A valid passport

  • Have an authentic degree of a minimum Australian year 10, 11 or 12.

  • Proof of English language proficiency test.

  • For English language proficiency test IELTS is highly recommended with a minimum of 5.0 score. Other options include TOEFL with minimum 55 and PTE with 42 scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is vocational education in Australia?

Vocational Education in Australia is refer as professional education that helps in the practical preparation of students to be able to work in the market place of their desired field.

2 - Who can apply for vocational education in Australia?

International students including Pakistanis who fulfil the eligibility criteria can apply for vocational education and training courses in Australia.

3 - Do international students require an English proficiency test to apply for a VET courses in Australia?

Yes, the eligibility criteria to enroll for a vocational education and training course include English language proficiency test for instance, IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

4 - How many vocational courses are there?

There is a wide variety of vocational courses (from level1-6) in Australia. You can opt for a vocational course of your choice and the course that has the best scope and highly in demand in Australia.

5 - How much does a Vocational course costs?

The cost of the vocational education and training courses depend upon the course you look forward to. However, the cost of vocational courses range from AU$4,000 to AU$22,000 per year.


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