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Want to Score Better in IELTS? Use the Following IELTS Writing Tips

IELTS exam is one of the most reputed exam for the test in English language proficiency. The test is required to be important for the student’s admission in the various universities and for any scholarships.

The student must score better in all the modules of IELTS i.e. Reading, writing, Listening and Speaking for an overall average good band score. 

IELTS exam is the most widely accepted exam for admission to Universities and its score forms an important eligibility criteria for most of the scholarships.

In IELTS test specific duration of time is provided to each task, the writing task involves two tasks.

The writing tips are as follows-

prepareation of IELTS for PAkistani students


  1. Knowledge of Vocabulary

The knowledge of the vocabulary is very important, using too simplified words or repeated words will not lay a good impression on the examiner. Using words that suits that suits the purpose are very important.


  1. Complete knowledge of the format

It’s necessary that the student has complete knowledge of the format of the IELTS writing task.

Task 1 – The first task requires the student to provide a detailed description of any one of the provided – diagram, graph, table and map.

Task 2 – The second task requires the student to provide an opinion, providing solution to a problem and balancing of an argument. This task is generally the form of essay writing.


  1. Practice the test for both categories

The student must practice the tasks of the relevant IELTS test that they have enrolled in either General IELTS or Academic IELTS. The more the students practice the more they will be an expert in writing language skills in order to succeed the writing task.


  1. Studying proper examples

The student must go through the proper examples while studying for the writing tests. The most appropriate writing style is that of the magazines and newspapers, formal yet subtle.


  1. Practice to maintain word count

The student must practice to maintain the word count for both the tasks.

Task 1 – The count must be 150 words.

Task 2 – The count must be 250 words.

The student is required to have an idea of the rough estimate of the clearly describing the required task.


  1. Paraphrasing

The student must paraphrase the both the tasks into three to four occasionally five paragraphs.


  1. Studying finance related journals

The student must study Finance and commerce related journals. The student must go through share market reports as they are most recommended for diagram study.


  1. Applying what is learnt

The knowledge of the English language and its vast vocabularies will serve no purpose if they are not put to use. It’s should reflect in the writing task of the student that they have learnt and strategized everything before entering the test.


  1. Coaching

The IELTS exam is a costly one therefore the student must first take up all the measures for the preparation of the test. has gathered all the information about the IELTS coaching centers in all the cities of Pakistan. The student must seek professional help before it’s too late.


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