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Want to Work While Studying Abroad? You can Apply for On Campus Work Study Scheme

Of course almost every Pakistani student who goes abroad, joins a part time job. Otherwise, it would be too difficult to afford all living and education expenses in a country that costs over 100 times more than our country. All thanks to our bad economy and low currency value. On other hands most developed study abroad destinations take care of this problem for poor students like us. They not only allow us to work part but also offers as much assistance in it as possible. has always brought the best of the information to help students achieve their dream of studying in a foreign country without any problem. Today we are going to tell you about another benefit you can get while studying abroad that will help you earn your living in that country. This benefit is called On Campus Work Study Scheme. In this article you will learn all about these On Campus Work Study Schemes:


1.     What are On Campus Work Study Schemes?

2.    Who Can Apply for On Campus Work Study Schemes?

3.    How You Can Apply for On Campus Work Study Schemes?

4.    When to Apply for On Campus Work Study Schemes?

5.    Do On Campus Work Study Schemes Earn Enough?

6.    Do I Need Work Permit for On Campus Work Study Schemes?

7.    Advantages of On Campus Work Study Schemes?



What are On Campus Work Study Schemes?

On Campus Work Study schemes are offered by universities in most foreign countries to help students earn while continuing their studies. In these schemes, students are offered part time jobs inside the university campus in differed fields or departments. You don’t even need any professional experience for these jobs, however, if you have some skills, it would a plus point for you.

You may be assigned to work as assistant in library or accounts or finance department or may be even in management. It depends where the assistance is required. If there are no job vacancies available in campus, they may even refer you to an off campus job. Universities usually have offices to help international students settle and find work if they need.


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Who Can Apply for On Campus Work Study Schemes?

Of course, on campus work study schemes are only for the students of that particular university that is offering it. Almost every university offers this scheme where only its own students can apply and work. It means you can only apply in the university that you are enrolled in and not in other universities of that country.


How You Can Apply for On Campus Work Study Schemes?

You simply contact university officials and apply for this work scheme. Each university may have its own application procedure. Large or good universities usually have a separate office to help students in this regard. There may be an application form that student is required to fill and submit along their resume or just an application requesting work with a CV.


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When to Apply for On Campus Work Study Schemes?

There is no exact date when there is a vacancy. However, students should apply or drop Resume to the relevant office as soon as possible. You can even ask the university officials about on campus work study schemes when you have applied for admission. When you reach your study abroad destination, let them know that you are looking for a job and that you actually need one.  


Do On Campus Work Study Schemes Earn Enough?

On campus jobs also pay you as much as any other off campus job. Your exact salary depends on the country, city, university and the work. Students are usually allowed to work only up to 4 hours a day and it is enough to easily cover all your living expenses. Depending on the country’s laws and policies, you may be able to work full time during off study sessions and earn extra.


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Do I Need Work Permit for On Campus Work Study Schemes?

You need as much permission from the government to work in on campus jobs as you need in off campus jobs. Some countries require international students to get a work permit before start working whereas some countries have given more freedom in this regard and students don’t need any permit. Make sure that you know the rules prior hand and prepare accordingly. If your study abroad destination doesn’t allow international students to work, you may not be eligible to apply even for on campus work study scheme.  


Advantages of On Campus Work Study Schemes?


1.  You can work according to your study schedule.

2.  You don’t have to struggle to find job.

3.  You don’t have to travel to go to job. Hence saving from transportation.

4.  You get good contacts with university officials.

5.  You get a respected work related to education and may be even to your field.

6.  No need to work at a restaurant or hotel and wash dishes.

7.  Your work is easy and usually around university friends.

8.  You have job security.


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Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now  a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist students selecting the right career path.


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