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What are the Best Countries for Higher Education? All Countries and their Ranks by QS Ranking 2016

Quacquarelli Symonds is world’s leading Academic Ranking organization. Whatever rank they may give to any institute it is accepted worldwide for many years. Recently they published their ranking of each country’s higher education system. With the Ranking they also mentioned the percentage of points given to each of them according to certain specified merit.
QS Ranking is an assessment of overall system strength and star university performance, alongside factors relating to access and funding. Following are all 50 countries included in QS Higher Education Ranking to help you choose best study destination for yourself. Pakistan is also included in their Rank, complete Score and Rank list table given below.

10 -   Japan
The government is keen to attract more international students, and has set a target of having 300,000 foreign students in the country by 2020. There are more than 780 universities in Japan. Currently, Japan’s top educational institute is University of Tokyo, which ranks 34th in world ranking of QS. Japans ranks 10th among best countries for higher education with a merit score of 78.5.

9 -   South Korea
South Korea is a globally recognized Asian dynamo in the fields of technology, education and tourism. Investment in education and research has always been a chief part of South Korea's growth. There are more than 370 official South Korean higher education providers, including 179 private universities and 43 national universities.
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The highest ranked university in South Korea, Seoul National University is placed 35th in the QS World University Rankings. It stands 8th best in higher education with a score of 80.1 from total of 100 in QS Ranking.

8 -   China
Study in China is continuously growing and developing. There are over 2,000 universities and colleges, with more than six million enrollments in total. By 2014, there were more than 377,000 foreign students in China. They specially offer English-taught courses to attract international students.
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They have maintained their position by providing the best education possible and maintaining some of the top ranked universities in world. QS has ranked China 8th best in higher education. It scored 83.5 out of 100 in QS merit.

7 -   Netherlands
The Netherlands is part of Europe, it is situated in Western Europe with an extensive coastline to the North Sea. Though, most Pakistanis don’t know much about Netherlands, it is one of the top educators in the world and preaches best of the quality education.
That is why QS has ranked it 7th best country in higher education than China and New Zealand. It scored 84.8 out of 100 in QS merit.

6 -   France
France has one of the most respected and admired education systems in the world. Students attending a France university are exposed to the amazing French culture in their daily student life. In QS Ranking France scored 89 out of 100 and stands as 6th best country for higher education.

5 -   Canada
Canada is consistently in one of the top countries where study is well-reputed with its many globally Top Universities. It is providing an excellent educational environment. Students prefer to Study in Canada because it is offer quality education at low cost. Canada is not only top according to educational point of view but it is also an ideal place to live in.
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Due to its international level education and environment, with outstanding performance in promoting Higher Education Canada has Ranked 5th Position and score 90.2 in QS Ranking.

4 -   Australia
Study in Australia is well reputable and more admired for future Pakistani students. Foreign students are on the rise, with an average growth rate of 14% yearly. Quality Education in Australia is among the highest in the world with many world class Top Universities. It has over 200 Universities and Colleges that provide high level quality education. It is third most popular student destination in the world. In QS Ranking Australia has been granted with 4th position as best in higher education and have scored 92.6 of 100.
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3 -   Germany
Study Abroad in Germany is easier and cheapest because there is no Tuition Fee in German Universities and living expenses are also very low compared to other countries. Besides these benefits Germany also homes world’s Top Universities and now has Ranked 3rd in QS Ranking with the overall Score of 94 out 100.
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2 -   United Kingdom
Study Abroad in UK for Pakistani Students is considered perfect because of its outstanding study mechanism, a numerous opportunities for every class of people, professional educational environment in UK’s top universities and colleges, advance research techniques and lots more. Along with excellent educational history it has stable economy, colorful life, and rich cultural heritage.
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QS has ranked UK as 2nd best country for higher education. UK scored 98.5 out of 100 in QS Ranking Score. Click the link for more details about Study in UK. It is here made easy for Pakistani students to Get UK Visa and Find Accommodation there, with all details in mentioned links.

1 -   United States of America
If you are trying to find an excellent career above anything else, study in United States of America is the right choice for you. Most of World’s Top Universities are in USA. It presents an accurately international educational environment. According to officials there are more than 4,000 public and private colleges and universities. USA has the world’s largest international student population, with over 800,000 students. Click the link, If you want learn about Study Visa Process of USA.
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QS has ranked USA as world best country for higher education. USA scored 100 out of 100 in QS Ranking Score. Harvard, MIT and Stanford all are in USA and have secured their position as world’s top for many decades. Click the link for more details about Study in USA.

Complete QS Ranking for Higher Education System of All Countries:


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