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Why it is Difficult for Pakistani Students to Manage Living in Abroad While Studying?

Studying in abroad is extravagant venture in imagination of Pakistani students. Before finally reaching to study abroad destination, there are extensive expectations of lush lifestyle, high quality of life, comfort and pleasant atmosphere without struggle and trials. But as you reach there in comparison to expectations, the quality of life in abroad is although exceptional but there are adjustments, compromises, striving and efforts required for your survival while studying in abroad. The factors that make living in abroad while studying difficult for Pakistani students are discussed for your better understanding in the article below:

1-Religious Conflicts:

Pakistani students face religious conflicts in abroad frequently. Being Muslims, they encounter enormous dogmas, misconceptions and judgments from foreigners which is complicated to deal on day to day basis. Practicing religious activities are not that simple in fact you may face hurdles and disapproval from masses there and will struggle to maintain your beliefs and religious orthodoxy publically. 

religion conflicts in abroad for Pakistani students

  1. Maintaining Part Time Job with Studies:

It is difficult for Pakistani students to afford their living expenses while studying in abroad unless they have an affluent family background. You must do part time job to make the ends meet. Working part time in order to afford living expenses and meeting attendance and grades requirements of universities in abroad is real struggle to keep up with. You will have to work really hard and strive for your survival.

how Pakistani students should recover from home sickness while studying abroad

  1. Home Sickness:

You might be impatient now to move out of your home and go abroad for studies but when you are away from your family and friends for long duration, it is not that fanciful reality. You will be home sick to the bits. Prepare your own food daily, clean up home, caring for oneself when sick, handling so many matters on your own and bearing responsibilities that you have never done before will make you miss your family often.

  1. Language Barrier:

Regardless of which country you select for study abroad, you will face language barrier at any case. Imagine not being able to convey what you really feel and want properly to foreigners because of language incompetence. You will overcome this deficiency over time and gradually but initially it will be hard to manage your daily chores, tasks, job and regular communication. You might even end up being in trouble if you convey the wrong message because of minimal language vocabulary.

how to adjust in different cultures

  1. Adjusting in Estranged Culture:

Adjusting in a non-identical culture as yours is exhausting and not tempting. You might be astounded at rituals and traditions being practiced in foreign cultures daily and cannot participate in it. You will learn to accept the differences and dissimilarities in a hard way and most importantly mastering the art of non-judgmental behavior is only possible in hostile atmosphere. Keeping your views to yourself, not passing criticizing comments and avoid objectifying are your tools for survival.

how Pakistani students can handle the law and rules in abroad

  1. Understanding Laws and Strict Rules:

Pakistani students are used to rules and regulations of Pakistan which are not as strict and challenging as in abroad. You will find it hard to learn exact traffic rules, maintaining accepted social conduct, understanding what activities are considered as violation of law, which activities can subject you of fines and most importantly limiting your working hours according to prescribed limit of your visa type. You must take a complete guide about law and order rules of the country you travel for studies to avoid yourself from getting into any legal trouble.

  1. Facing Discrimination:

You face social, racial and religious discrimination as an outsider/foreigner in abroad. For Pakistani students, discrimination is rather severe than other nationalities because of Pakistani political and social image in abroad. You will have trouble in coping with discriminating treatment with you but with your good behavior and congenial attitude it can be removed.


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