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Why Pakistani goes Abroad for higher studies and no foreigner comes to Pakistan for study?

The main reasons for fancying to study abroad rather than in Pakistan are –

  • No doubt Pakistan gives a quality education but our system of education isn't open for everyone, not everyone can seek higher education on any reputed institute the main reason being we have very less amount of seats and reservations on them and studying in a private institution is not beneficial as much as government institutes.

  • Studying abroad will able you to learn new things, about the new culture, language, and great education. After completion of Degree, there would be a wide range of career opportunities in front of you.

  • You will meet new people and get to know the way in which they do things SO differently.

  • Universities in abroad countries have a growing reputation more than Pakistani universities.

  • Pakistan students who go abroad for studies they left their comfort zone and starts from zero. They don’t know the culture, language, and any friends circle so they make all that by their own efforts. This struggle makes them strong and confident.

Students who make a decision to study abroad gain valuable experience and life lessons that make them extremely attractive to employers. These all and many other reasons are there that pushes them to study abroad.

Why foreigner doesn’t prefer to come to Pakistan to study?

There are many reasons for this issue I would like to list down a few of them:

There is a lot of difference between the Quality of Education in their home countries and Pakistan.

Pakistani Image Abroad      

One of the main and biggest reasons why abroad students don’t come for education in Pakistan is bad image of Pakistan in all countries. Electronic and print medium makes and breaks its image throughout the world.

Lack of Planning

In Pakistan education, there is no proper planning and if they make policies there are many problems that occur in fulfillment of policies on the main reason is lack financial management issues.

Made policies but no implementation

They make strict policies and less implementation on it. The number of policies for the betterment of education was introduced from time to time by various regimes in the history of Pakistan for reforms but due to lack of implementation and inconsistency, it showed no result.

Very less opportunity for students

Unfortunately, it is a true fact that in Pakistan students has a very less amount of opportunities as compared to other countries. Most of the students after doing Masters and Ph.D. still face unemployment in Pakistan.

Less Trained faculty

In Pakistani educational institutes, there are a large amount of less trained teachers. They don’t know how to apply new techniques and methods to make a more interesting.                                                                                                                                                  


We should try to improve Quality of our education According to my opinion we should make a system in which students goes to acquire, not being forced to get good marks.

Education system that promotes Entrepreneurship that teaches us Climate Change that is not centered on 2 or 3 subjects as the year passes. It also promotes the Language of the region. It promotes creativity, and a sense to do good for the World.


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