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The millennial in Pakistan have not limited their interests in just science and technology education or other forms of traditional study paths they want to explore and experience more diverse fields. One of the most popular being their increasing interest in the field of Art and design. The field of art and design is influencing increasing number of Pakistani students. The field of art and design have extended not just all across the globe but in Pakistan too, student from Pakistan can acquire a degree and scholarship in Art and Design in any of the field of their interest and come back home and work in Pakistan as well.


Fields and Scholarships in Art and Design for Pakistani Students to Study Free in Abroad:

The definition of art and design for Pakistani students is not now limited to painting, murals and motifs there is an increasing demand for such professionals in Pakistan.

Creativity is one important aspect in keeping the Pakistani student enthusiastic about the course they are pursuing and the various scholarships in Artys and Design for Pakistani students are also making the path way easier. The Pakistani student can pursue a career in animation, graphic designing, advertising, and interior and fashion designing .The student from Pakistan can take up courses in any part of the world like Russia, Canada, Australia, Nordics- Denmark, and Finland, Asian countries like Turkey, India, and Japan etc. The student can get scholarship not only for short term courses but for full time scholarships in undergraduate and graduate degree courses in the field of art and design.


Attractions in the field of Art and design:

The fashion industry in Pakistan has great potential to accommodate and hire more Pakistani students that ever before. There are increasing number of job opportunities for Pakistani students in arts and design fields.

One of the most trending field in art and design is that of Fine arts, many students from the subcontinent including Pakistan and showing interest in this field. Many universities in United States of America, United Kingdom are providing scholarships in this trending field too.


Consultants in Pakistan:

Consultation for admission to various universities in the field of art and design for Pakistani students are provide by consultants in almost all cities in Pakistan as Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Abbottabad, and Faisalabad.


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Scholarship Name Country Education Level Apply By
UK Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate 09 Jan 2024
Australia Doctoral 31 Dec 2023
UK Undergraduate N/A
Germany Doctoral 30 Sep 2023
Australia Doctoral 31 Dec 2023
Canada Undergraduate 30 Sep 2023
Canada Undergraduate 15 Dec 2023
UK Post-Graduate 07 Nov 2023
Australia Doctoral 30 Sep 2023
UK Undergraduate 29 Sep 2023
USA Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 11 Oct 2023
Denmark Doctoral 14 Sep 2023
UK Doctoral 05 Oct 2023
USA Undergraduate 22 Sep 2023
USA Undergraduate 13 Sep 2023
Germany Undergraduate 30 Sep 2023
Australia Doctoral 11 Sep 2023
Australia Doctoral 12 Sep 2023
USA Undergraduate 20 Sep 2023
UK Post-Graduate 22 Sep 2023
USA Undergraduate 08 Sep 2023
Hungary Undergraduate 09 Sep 2023

Country Wise List of Art & Design Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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