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undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in medical and pharmacy field

Saving a life and curing the ill have been one of the most sacred professions of all ages ever since the world began. In Pakistani things are not any different all medical practitioners are looked up to with great respect. Human beings have a never-ending struggle in searching for cures for maladies of all sorts.

Being a medical practitioner not only brings success your way in Pakistan but also immense respect.


Scholarships Available For The Field Of Medicine And Pharmacy:

The top universities of the world are bringing up new scholarships in medical and pharmacy for Pakistani students to attract international students. This creates new career opportunities for Pakistani students.

Harvard University, University of Oxford (Rhodes scholarship), Stanford University, University of California Los Angeles, and John Hopkins University is home to top medical schools in the world and have attractive scholarships for international students.

Scope And Fields In Medical And Pharmacy:

For all governments including in Pakistan and WHO the primary aim is the improvement of medical facilities. The field is of grave importance since the creation of man. Where there is a man there is an illness and where there is an illness a cure is needed. Pakistani students are not now just limited to studying MBBS, BDS, and pharmacy scholarships but have a growing interest in diverse fields of medicine. An increasing number of students from Pakistan are studying these diverse courses as Biostatistics (a science of manufacturing drugs integrated with software knowledge), medical technology, diagnostics, and therapy are amongst the most trending fields.

Medical sciences are one of the high-paying fields in Pakistan. There is a great demand for such professionals in both government and private sectors. Medical and pharmacy are combining with technology hence broadening its spectrum and creating more field opportunities for Pakistani students. Since the competition in this field is high and there are limited seats available in Pakistan, so students from Pakistan are considering options to study medicine and pharmacy abroad.

Consultants Available In Pakistan:

Our consultants will carve out the way for Pakistani students’ path to success helping them achieve and realize their dreams of pursuing a career in medicine and pharmacy in countries like the US, the UK, China, Japan, and other Asian and European countries.




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Scholarship Name Country Education Level Apply By
Netherlands Doctoral 05 Mar 2024
USA Undergraduate 15 Mar 2024
UK Undergraduate 01 Mar 2024
UK Undergraduate 29 Apr 2024
UK Undergraduate 29 Apr 2024
UK Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 17 Oct 2024
Malaysia Undergraduate 01 May 2024
UK Undergraduate 31 May 2024
Ireland Doctoral 24 Feb 2024
Australia Doctoral 03 Mar 2024
USA Undergraduate 25 Feb 2024
Denmark Undergraduate 24 Feb 2024
Turkey Undergraduate 24 Feb 2024
Switzerland Undergraduate 15 Dec 2024
Japan Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 21 Mar 2024
USA Undergraduate 01 Dec 2024
Spain Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 22 Feb 2024
UK Undergraduate 01 May 2024
Netherlands Doctoral 17 Feb 2024
Japan Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 21 Mar 2024
USA Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 01 Mar 2024
Australia Undergraduate 28 Feb 2024

Country Wise List of Medical & Pharmacy Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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