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  1. Overview of Nottingham University Scholarship 

Nottingham University is one of the top most universities of United Kingdom, its ranked 11 in United Kingdom.

It’s a public university with an intake capacity of 45,500 students and about 40,000 students from about 150 countries it’s a perfect university for Pakistani students who want to study abroad. The huge intake capacity brings up the hopes of all those who aspire to in United Kingdom.

The developing solutions scholarship is exclusively for master’s study at the University of Nottingham.

nottingham uni scholarships programs offered


  1.  Study Programs

 Those Pakistani students who want to study a full time master’s course in one of the following fields as



 ►Department of engineering –

  • Civil engineering

  • Electrical and electronics engineering

  • Chemical and environment engineering

  • Architecture

  • Mechanical, materials and manufacturing

  • Foundation and physical sciences

 ►Medicine and Health Sciences-

  • Health sciences

  • Life science

  • Vetenary sciences

  • Medicine


  • Biosciences

  • Chemistry

  • Psychology

  • Mathematics

  • Pharmacy

  • Computer science

  • Physics and astronomy

 ►Social science –

  • Business

  • Economics

  • Education

  • Law

  • Politics 

  • Sociology


 Only master’s student can apply for this scholarship.


 Host country:

 United kingdom


 Host university:

 University of Nottingham.

nottingham scholarship benefits for Pakistani students


  1. Benefits of Nottingham University Scholarship 

  • 100 or 50 percent tuition fee would be awarded to the student.

  • 105 is the total number of scholarships that would be given to the international students under Developing Solutions Scholarships by the University of Nottingham, some students will receive full some half tuition fee discount.






  1. Eligibility criteria 

  • The students whose country like Pakistan are part of commonwealth nations can receive this financial assistance.

  • Pakistani students who have not previously studied from Nottingham University.

  • Pakistani students who have defined their status as overseas students.

  • Pakistani students who have never studied outside of Pakistan.

  • Only those Pakistani students who have already an offer to study at university of Nottingham.



  1. Apply Procedure to Apply in the Scholarship 2021

 The Pakistani student first needs to confirm their admission and be enrolled as a full time student at the University of Nottingham and then apply for the scholarship.



  1. Passport issued by the government of Pakistan.

  2. Undergraduate transcripts of passing from university in Pakistan itself (2.8 to3.74 CGPA students will be preferred to the university).

  3. Documents supporting that proof that has student has fulfilled the English language requirement of the various University departments, they accept IELTS score which varies for different departments as follows-

  • Medicine(7.5)

  • Nursing(7.5)

  • Sports and Rehabilitation(7.5)

  • Veterinary sciences(7.5)

  • Other courses(6.0)

Pakistani Student who has failed to fill in the requirements of the English language they will have to attend the course at center of English language education.


Nationality Required:

All the nations which are a part of common wealth including Pakistan.


Application Procedure

Prior to the applying for scholarship at Nottingham University the student should have received the acceptance letter from the university itself. Priority is given to the students who have not studied their under graduate course outside of Pakistan.

International students including Pakistani students must apply for admissions as early as possible .The student once received the acceptance must follow the following link address and upload all the documents required for the scholarship.


Deadlines and Dates:

30 April.


No. of Awardees:

105 students will receive the scholarship.


daad faq for Pakistani students



  1. Faq of University of Nottingham UK Scholarship 

Question 1

Can Pakistani student apply for this scholarship?

Yes the Pakistani student will be able to apply since Pakistan is still a developing country.

Question 2

If a Pakistani student is already studying in a college or university in Germany can they apply?

No the student cannot apply for the scholarship.

Question 3

Does Pakistani student need to know German to get this scholarship?

No, only for the courses taught in German.

Question 4

Does the Pakistani student need to appear in English proficiency tests?

Yes TOEFEL & IELTS are a must for Pakistani students.

Question 5

Can a Pakistani student send in documents directly to the DAAD Germany for consideration for the scholarship?

No applications must be sent in directly only through the online portal of the DAAD and only those applications will be considered.

Question 6

Can a Pakistani student whose degree has been delayed apply for the scholarship?

Yes the student can apply but the degree must not have delayed for more than 6 years.

Question 7

Does the Pakistani student need to have been enrolled in university before applying for the scholarship?

No it’s not necessary.

Question 8

Can Pakistani student apply in any university under DAAD scholarship?

 No the Pakistani student cannot apply in all the universities but just the ones mentioned above.

For more such scholarships visit: Website



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